Wi-Fi 6 in all industry verticals

by Nisrin Saqib

Wi-Fi 6 is trending right now! It is the latest standard in Wi-Fi that caters to high density areas and is a future-proof investment reaping results sooner than you know. With Wi-Fi 6 out since 2019 and used by many in various global markets, it benefits all major businesses where the flow of people is a constant based on their industry. Wi-Fi 6 is for such specific industries, catering to them with all free flow of easy access to the internet even when numerous devices are connected and streaming on the network.

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Take a look at a few of the industries that will have less Wi-Fi woes, with Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E.

  1. Wi-Fi in Education

    The past year has taught us a lot in terms of accessing things from home and finding solutions for the same with minimal things that we are surrounded with. Wi-Fi is one such important help that we have received in the field of technology. This is going to get better with the way Wi-Fi 6 is making its place in the wireless world of the 21st century with its wireless access points. Wi-Fi has been playing a major role in the field of education – from Primary to Higher Secondary. Embracing ‘Online Learning’ openly in 2020, Wi-Fi for home is becoming more and more prevalent. And Wi-Fi networks in schools, colleges, educational institutes are signs enough that the industry of education will run on Wi-Fi networks and be highly dependent on those.

    (a) Wi-Fi troubles in densely populated places : Schools are one of the public places that are most populated and with Wi-Fi being so popular, teachers & students all have to use Wi-Fi regularly. With newer things coming in & the technology industry growing rapidly, a lot of schools have started deploying Internet of Things (IoT) that benefits schools in the safety of their children, improving operations and cutting down on costs.

    High density being one of the key benefits of Wi-Fi 6, also known as 802.11 ax allows numerous devices to connect and stream without any congestion.

    (b) Wi-Fi connected Campus : Modern teaching has a different definition with passing time. There’s not just smartphones and smart tech, but also smart education and all schools and colleges will have to adopt this progressive way of teaching & learning. Advanced methods of teaching like recording and remote interactive teaching, immersive VR teaching, virtual labs, etc. are growing as you read. For all this to function well the Wi-Fi network has to be extremely strong. Wi-Fi 6 caters to all this and provides teachers & students with a memorable Wi-Fi experience.

    A Wi-Fi 6 router caters to every device within a crowded place and numerous devices connected to the same Wi-Fi 6 networks. So, it is also considered to be the best fit for educational institutes.

    (c) IoT Connectivity: Colleges and universities allow students’ devices to connect with their Wi-Fi network. Laptops, smart watches, tablets, smartphones, gaming devices, voice-controlled speakers, virtual reality (VR) headsets, and such more connect to the college’s Wi-Fi network via which students learn and work together on team projects, group discussions, dissertation preparations with their guides, etc.

    So many devices streaming from one place, require the Wi-Fi network to be capable to handle it and Wi-Fi 6 is the most capable today, providing the best educational experience. Its Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) connects multiple devices and doesn’t congest the WLAN, how much ever congested the room with devices and people may get.

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  2. Wi-Fi in Healthcare

    Healthcare is one of the leading industries currently. And with the world being hit by a pandemic, hospitals have been the busiest with sick and unwell people visiting medical professionals frequently. And, now with the vaccine out, hospitals are going to be super crowded. Like most other industries, the Healthcare industry also depends enormously on technology.

    Medical machines are connected with the Wi-Fi network, providing regular updates to the doctors & nurses for each person in this time & age. All of this has been simplified with cloud managed Wi-Fi 6 wireless access points that excel in maintaining solid connectivity to the hospital’s back-end systems.

    (a) Guest Network

    A guest who visits your home can connect to your Wi-Fi network with your help, but what about a guest who visits you at the hospital? How assuring would you be about the Wi-Fi network of the hospital that your relative or you might be admitted in? To this, Wi-Fi 6 is at your rescue and this is in your favour, even if, you are a doctor or a nurse and have to be at the hospital daily, for work.

    (b) More Machines & many more People

    Patients are hooked to the medical machines and most of them are connected with the Wi-Fi network of the hospital. Wi-Fi 6 caters mainly within densely populated areas and even when the hospital rooms are filled with doctors, nurses, medical staff, the patient, their relatives and more streaming internet in their phones, medical devices, patient monitors, etc. from the same room have no connection issues and can use the internet smoothly. The Internet of Things (IoT) also functions extremely well as Wi-Fi 6 is known to be the best in crowded environments.

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  3. Wi-Fi in Retail; Movie, Coffee or Shopping?

    Most of us are always in search of great Wi-Fi connectivity, wherever we are – out for a movie, a coffee date or just window shopping in a mall. With the advance in technology, Wi-Fi presence is at a lot of places like theatres, coffee shops, malls, etc. Wi-Fi 6 – the latest Wi-Fi standard is the best in denser environments as it gives a fantastic experience to the user even in a house-full theatre, a packed café, or a jam-packed mall during discount time. Every person in that room streams on various devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network. And the Wi-Fi 6 network leaves them spellbound with its seamless connectivity with the same extraordinary speed even when all of them are connected to the same network, streaming at the same time.

    The benefits with Wi-Fi 6 are immense and the business verticals that it can be an aid to are also numerous. The constant chatter of students complaining about their internet being slow at school/college, medical officials and patients’ relatives at medical institutions and the common people like you and me at a Book Fair, an exhibition, a concert, your local clubs will now be calmed with Wi-Fi 6 catering to their necessities and once you have it, you would know how!

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