What’s Your Business Need? Indoor or Outdoor Wi-Fi?

by Nisrin Saqib

What business is winning over other businesses in these current times? There is no right answer to this but that any business that is taking up all the help from technology and making their business digital. It is easy for some businesses to get digital, while it is difficult for some. The only businesses doing fine in these current, difficult times are the ones that have found their place online. And the industries like hospitality, education, etc. have been struggling to make their way to be found on digital portals.

What according to you is one of the best investments in 2020-2021 on all fronts – personal as well as professional? Well, when we talk about taking things digital and moving forward with the rest of the businesses, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? What comes to my mind is – internet. Yes, so basically Wi-Fi. Now how is life going to be simpler in a pandemic and otherwise too, with Wi-Fi? Of course, with Access Points. It is actually the best time to make your space Wi-Fi friendly, whatever it may be – a school or a restaurant or a sports club.

What do you think Wi-Fi stands for?

That is where we need knowledge about access points and as per your space, to learn about which one is the best fit for your space – Indoor or Outdoor Access Points. Different access points cater to different kinds of areas that they are kept in. Businesses like transport will need outdoor access points while a co-working space will need indoor access points. There are industries that require outdoor plus indoor access points like in schools & colleges, hotels and more. What is your business need? Ray offers access points for all your business needs with seamless connectivity & embedded security.

Know which industries are using today’s latest standard, Wi-Fi 6 too.

Ray’s outdoor access points are certified IP67* rating, made from industrial-grade components. They are resistant to temperature and all other weather conditions, promising ultimate performance even in the most difficult kind of climates. Ray Wi-Fi outdoor access points like the latest R6A – O (Wi-Fi 6 enabled), Capella, and
Gemini provide superb coverage along with solid connectivity & throughput even in difficult terrains and far-off locations. Now thinking of setting up your resort in the mountains is not such a bad idea, after all. Is it?

That dream of having your retirement in the mountains and starting your own café can be fulfilled. The Ray access points will let you have a café with Wi-Fi and stay in touch with your family & friends back home, even though you are settled in high altitudes. Video calls with glitches is the problem of the past now and Ray matches your needs to help you manage a work-life balance with great connectivity from home & work, both.

So, what is your business? What kind of access point do you need – Indoor, Outdoor or both? Don’t fret about your near or far-fetched future plans and keep those ambitions coming as Ray is right behind you to help you fulfil all your dreams and make those ambitions a success.

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