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What is MU – MIMO?

by Nisrin Saqib

Wi-Fi connection tends to get slower with more & more devices connecting to the access point. Lately, with the ‘Work from Home’ scenes and everyone using the Wi-Fi AP at the same time, the connection dwindles too. The issue is because most routers communicate with just one device at one time. The SU-MIMO (single-user MIMO) takes a lot of time in sending & receiving data.

MU-MIMO Advantages

MU-MIMO stands for multi-user, multiple-input, multiple-output, and it’s the latest Wi-Fi 6 and AC Wave 2 technology wherein multiple devices communicate with one Wi-Fi router all at once. Network & connection speeds up as the sending & receiving data and its to & fro is minimized. In this time of WFH (Work from Home), MU-MIMO has proved to be an extremely reliable technology as it allows numerous devices to be connected at one same time, without causing any hindrances.

Say goodbye to the troubles of buffering and waiting while streaming things online with MU-MIMO. Constant Wi-Fi problems are the problems of the past now. See how MU-MIMO can solve all these problems:

  • Data is received faster from the router as both MU-MIMO and MU-MIMO (SU-MIMO) are fast and devices on the network don’t have to wait for long.
  • With MU-MIMO, your router tends to do more than before and so activities that require more Wi-Fi are conducted with ease and in no time.

The difference between SU-MIMO and MU-MIMO


The SU-MIMO (Single User – Multiple Input Multiple Output) is where Wi-Fi connects with one device at one time. So, the more devices connected to this Wi-Fi network, the more time it takes for sending & receiving of data from the internet. Each device has to wait for its turn and so the turnaround time is more than anticipated.

The latest technology of today is MU–MIMO (Multiple User – Multiple Input Multiple Output), which is one of the most important features of Wi-Fi 6, 802.11ac Wave 2. This innovative technology lets the Wi-Fi network to communicate with multiple devices at the same time. This enhances the turnaround time, and no device has to wait for its sending & receiving of data.

All Wi-Fi routers support MU-MIMO?

The latest technology supports MU-MIMO. The older standards like Wireless – A, B, G, and N don’t support MU-MIMO. All routers that support AC Wave 2, Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E support MU-MIMO. So, look for routers that mention that they support MU-MIMO.

Devices that work with MU-MIMO Routers

All wireless devices can work with MU-MIMO routers. It is best if you are aware that the devices support MU-MIMO technology as that would result in better performance. With the world of technology moving so fast, the latest devices are all going to be supported with MU-MIMO. Computers, laptops, phones, and tablets of today come with MU-MIMO support. It is believed that all devices in the current times are backed with MU-MIMO.

MU-MIMO’s Future

MU-MIMO has established itself in the market and everyone is working with this technology, now in 2021. All Ray Access Points support 2×2 MIMO and higher-end devices like R6B-C and R6B-O support 4X4 MIMO and are being used across the globe in great demand. Ray offers these products at extremely competitive prices as the technology is commercialized now. It is a must-have in your offices, homes, and other setups where Wi-Fi is being used full-fledged.

MU-MIMO Products

From all the products available in the market only some of them work with MU-MIMO. Some laptops and routers are products that are backed with MU-MIMO. There are some chipsets in routers that also support MU-MIMO, but then again, they lack the firmware for feature activation. Manufacturers are using MU-MIMO to its fullest by incorporating it in the latest, emerging products.


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