• SoT – Security of Things

    • No Agent. No Scanning
    • Real-time & continuous Vulnerability Assessment
    • Cloud-based Device Knowledgebase of IoT Devices
    • Automatic Detection & Response (Disconnect or Quarantine)
  • Guest Wi-Fi / Captive Portal

    • 9 Authentication Types & Built-in Design Templates
    • Built-in AAA (Radius) and Plan Management
    • Upload & Edit your own Captive Portal Design
    • Achieve Regulatory Compliance
  • Vigil

    • Proactive Network Audit
    • Achieve continuous Regulatory
    • Enforce Company Policies
    • CISO Report

Increase Mesh performance &
work smoothly

Work from home issues always have one major complaint about the Wi-Fi not working properly. Ray Access Points offer seamless connectivity with embedded security and has many other features for all kinds of Wi-Fi troubles. It betters the Wi-Fi network and works its way around to effectively load balance to guide connected devices to roam to the best connection, avoiding interference.

  • Optimize Network & Enhance Security

    There is a notable amount of increase in the number of people working from home. Due to that happening, the importance of Wi-Fi is increasing day by day and a good network is much needed. Ray’s Insights offers seamless connectivity, with good network & embedded security. It aids in maintaining customer engagement & relationships even without an in-person interaction but being there for them from home.

  • Detect Anomalies with Ray

    Enterprise & Home IoT (Internet of Things) are growing at an unbelievable rate and the machines are surpassing humans speedily. Work from Home is the new in and everyone working from home has their home devices connected to the Wi-Fi along with their office ones too based on their work. Ray’s SoT (Security of Things) connects these devices digitally and takes complete responsibility of its security as it detects anomalies and alerts the admin about it. Ray’s SoT is backed with Machine Learning (ML).

  • Smart Wi-Fi networks

    Connected devices and streaming services depend on the Wi-Fi connectivity, which requires smarter Wi-Fi networks for its extensibility to provide uniform coverage across spaces without wired connectivity. For that, Ray uses Wi-Fi Alliance certified Wi-Fi easy Mesh and Qualcomm Wi-Fi SON that provides enhanced throughput with appropriate placement of APs.

Your EYE, ISPs’ friend & your
network’s caretaker

Enterprises don’t need an IT team and homes don’t need any IT support with Ray APs - be it work from home or at your workplace, the connectivity is seamless, and security is embedded end-to end. With its features – EYE connects and secures your network to its utmost best, working in favour of ISPs and not allowing any unknown and doubtful users within the network. It protects your network from threats and fights with its automated actions warning the user to take the next step.

  • See everything, even the things all miss

    When working from home, the facilities that are received in an enterprise network aren’t received when using the home Wi-Fi. This isn’t true with Ray Access Points as its features cater to homes as well as enterprises. Ray’s EYE is one of its features that minuses IT help and provides a stellar Wi-Fi experience. With no IT costs, Ray keeps a tab on devices’ time to connect, capacity, coverage, throughput & visible uptime to measure. It works as your in-house IT support 24*7.

  • Your best bid, dear ISPs

    This is great news for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) as Ray is not only consumer-friendly, but it is also ISP-oriented. Ray APs have been created keeping in mind the ISP struggles helping the ISP to know about the probability of customer churn with the benefit of predicting the customer Quality of Experience (QoE) via the Ray ONE. It reduces truck rolls and operation costs by 30% to 50%.

  • For Enterprises, catering to Home networks too

    Everyone uses the same network while working from home – kids and adults alike. Ray’s Vigil secures policies, audit networks and has government compliances in place to pre-empt, stop or control cyber-threats. It also monitors the traffic for anomalies, insecure protocols, traffic to blacklisted IPs, etc.

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