• SoT – Security of Things

    • No Agent. No Scanning
    • Real-time & continuous Vulnerability Assessment
    • Cloud-based Device Knowledgebase of IoT Devices
    • Automatic Detection & Response (Disconnect or Quarantine)
  • Ray App Store

    • Apps like SD-WAN, VPN, Attendance Management
    • Pre-integrated, Tested & Secure Applications
    • Secure Apps developed by Trusted Developers
    • Reduces TCO through Extensibility
  • Intelligent RRM

    • Spectral scans provide a Real-time RF view
    • Visualize AP Density, Radio events & Channel Occupancy
    • Automated RF Channel & Power Optimization
    • Mitigate co-channel interference & signal coverage problems

Sell Retail,
but make money wholesale

Retail has to take care of end-to-end activities – starting from managing the stock in the outlets as well as in the factories till the part where the consumer makes a decision of buying a particular product. Don’t wait for IT help for any IT-related queries and don’t worry as to how would you be able to keep data and users’ information secured. The Ray Wi-Fi experience is the solution to all of this with just its Access Points – it has everything from the cloud technology to hardcore outdoor APs for your smooth Wi-Fi experience.

  • Run your store, minus the IT aid

    Make sure your visitors do not leave your store solely because you are awaiting IT help to fix your Wi-Fi issue. Be your own IT help and solve all the Wi-Fi problems yourself. EYE at Ray allows you to automate tasks without anyone’s help. It detects issues and converts them into automatic tasks. It is at your perusal whenever you want 24*7, 365 days.

  • Everything is on the Cloud

    Ray’s cloud architecture consists of modern microservices for today’s modern-day enterprise demands intelligence, reliability, and performance from its network. Ray’s cloud is so powerful that the most intelligent AI engine drives some of the best Ray features. Enterprise data is kept secure and stays private due to the end-to-end 256-bit encryption.

  • Retail in the basement?
    Warehouse in the outskirts?

    Don’t worry! We have got you. Ray’s Outdoor Wi-Fi Access Points are a certified IP67* in its ratings. It is highly resistant to the temperature – be it rain, heat, winds or even snow as a matter of fact. Receive high scalable coverage with solid connectivity in rugged and hazardous locations. The external antenna extends coverage, providing great throughput also.

From one Retail store to two to more?

You can gain more customers starting by providing them with great Wi-Fi connectivity and further taking care of their end-to-end needs. Make your Brand name and study your customers’ digital journey based on which you can strategize and build your business plan to further grow from one store to more. Enhance your staff’s productivity as well as learn about where all the traffic is and why to manage strategic business moves for better sales.

  • Make your consumers step in with ease

    With a superb Wi-Fi connection, we get drawn towards that store, don’t we? Well, all the shoppers in a retail area are of almost the similar mindset and would want to enter a store based on the strength of its Wi-Fi connection. With Ray’s ‘Guest Wi-Fi’ feature, you can now not only allure consumers, but also make your brand visible via the multiple uses of the Captive Portals and reach out to wider crowds in a much better way.

  • Enhance your customer engagement and grow more

    Retail is a kind of an enterprise that is customer-oriented and so it needs high performance and reliable networks. Not only that but studying the Data Analytics to learn about consumers’ journey to benefit from that is what Ray Insights offers too. As a Retail enterprise, you can learn about the digital transformation journey through the network and intelligence via Ray Insights.

  • Promise security to your staff and visitors

    Data breach and security are some of the major concerns for all of us when we decide to use someone else’s Wi-Fi especially public Wi-Fi. With Ray Enterprise Policy & Traffic Shaping enforce BYOD policies to avoid network breaches. You can now also enforce security, follow client compliances and more importantly increase productivity.

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