• KPI Configuration, Monitoring & Visualization
    • Automatic Actions to meet KPI Goals
    • Proactive & Correlated Root Cause Analysis
    • Dynamic Packet Capture for Troubleshooting
  • Mesh

    • Wi-Fi certified Easy Mesh & Wi-Fi SON
    • 1-touch Mesh Mode
    • Self-configuring, Self-managing & Self-healing
    • Dedicated Radio* for stellar Performance
  • Ray App Store

    • Apps like SD-WAN, VPN, Attendance Management
    • Pre-integrated, Tested & Secure Applications
    • Secure Apps developed by Trusted Developers
    • Reduces TCO through Extensibility

Track what and when your students watch / read

Encouraging students with learning online is a must, but securing their watch and read to limited options, is what has become the guardian’s roles in the current times. Children being children are curious and their curiosity has no limits. They can reach to extremes to find answers and that can be challenging for people taking care of them. To put a stop to that, Ray’s features work in your favour about each students’ usage from any corner that you might be operating from. Employ no IT team or person and be familiar with all the ongoings with the wireless network and its usage. The controls can be in your hands and you can fix issues, stop unwanted entries, reduce speed/quota based on each student and staff’s regular usage.

  • Be the regulator your child requires

    Education online requires data to be stored online too. With this and the regular communication on the web, security cannot be compromised. Children are known to fidget during their online classes and their screen time. Ray’s Insight is an aid for you to be a regulator for the children – regardless of you being a parent or their teacher. The detailed analytics will tell you where each one is spending most of their time in.

  • Make school your second home

    Home is where you can connect to the Wi-Fi by default and use it at ease without any technical glitches. With Ray’s ‘Captive Portals’ features, students and teachers can log into the system with the credentials provided from the school, keeping the network safe without any entry of unknown IP addresses or such. With the variety of ‘Captive Portal’ options, the school can prohibit certain entries and allow only secured users.

  • What can they watch?

    With such ease of the Wi-Fi internet access and several options available online to watch and read, it is indeed difficult to know which kid would end up watching/reading adult content. Ray’s ‘Enterprise Policy’ allows you to assign applications to each group of students based on their grade (as that defines their age), age-specific content that they will come across while browsing.

Challenges & Opportunities

  • Connect while maintaining social distance

    With the current state of a pandemic, it is difficult for young learners to study from the space of their homes. The attention span of kids is not too much either and when on a tablet, phone or laptop, their thoughts waver and distract easily. With Ray’s cloud-based APs’ seamless connectivity and embedded security kids can maintain social distance and be focused on their online sessions.

  • The shift to Digital Learning

    Technology is the solution to everything these days and everything is getting online. The modes of learning have also shifted from the chalk and blackboard to iPads and laptops. How well are your children in the house and students in schools taking this radical shift?

  • They ask, “Is it safe on the internet?”

    How would you feel when you learn that the answer to the above question is, “It’s safe from the point where the internet is generated from.”? And that is indeed what it is. Everyone’s information is secured – students, teachers, and the educational institution’s too. With this assurance, interest in learning doubles and fun multiplies.

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