• KPI Configuration, Monitoring & Visualization
    • Automatic Actions to meet KPI Goals
    • Proactive & Correlated Root Cause Analysis
    • Dynamic Packet Capture for Troubleshooting
  • Mesh

    • Wi-Fi certified Easy Mesh & Wi-Fi SON
    • 1-touch Mesh Mode
    • Self-configuring, Self-managing & Self-healing
    • Dedicated Radio* for stellar Performance
  • Intelligent RRM

    • Spectral scans provide a Real-time RF view
    • Visualize AP Density, Radio events & Channel Occupancy
    • Automated RF Channel & Power Optimization
    • Mitigate co-channel interference & signal coverage problems

Remotely analyse & apply policies

For manufacturing products, factories are usually away from cities and are in far-off locations. Hiring an IT team for such a distant place is a hassle, so Ray presents wireless APs that don’t require you to have an IT team as issues can be notified about and solved from your location itself. Ray’s features benefit you with assigning enterprise policies and shape your online traffic focusing on each minutest level. A CISO report is generated providing a detailed analysis for every little update.

  • Stay where you are and work from there

    Most of the times, the Head Office and the factories are quite far. Instead of travelling back & forth to fix or learn of any IT issues, Ray’s Mobile Apps allow you to get detailed information by just a few clicks from the comfort of your home. It is available in Android & IOS providing real-time alerts with interactive dashboards for you to take relevant actions from wherever you are.

  • Wi-Fi check from the root level

    Big industries have many people working within it and knowing about a loophole for a cyber-threat or even using up most of the internet knowingly or unknowingly is next to impossible. The Enterprise Policies & Traffic Shaping feature at Ray allows you to bifurcate internet usage based on time, speed, quota, etc. as per employee groups or on an individual level.

  • Following company policies

    Manufacturing companies consist of big teams and huge networks for the progress of their work. Along with it comes each company’s rules & regulations and following those stringent directions can get difficult sometimes. Ray’s Vigil simplifies this task for you to proactively audit your network and achieve continuous regulatory compliances as well as enforce company policies.

Trusted by the world's leading companies

Secure your guests and work on secured apps

Security is an important aspect that is everyone’s default need in today’s world. Ray welcomes your guests and also offers you applications that are secure and open for trusted developers to create applications for the audience to have an application of their interest. Manufacturing requires a lot of heavy and expensive machineries and tools, and keeping data secured within that is primary or else with just a small leak, everything else is at stake. Ray’s features like Guest Wi-Fi, SoT (Security of Things) and Application Store solves all this and offers more than basic requirements.

  • Promise security to even your guests

    Unplanned visits and factory stopovers are increasing by the day in manufacturing industries. Don’t worry about your guests’ security and take their worry away too with Ray’s Guest Wi-Fi. It provides 9 authentication types & built-in templates and it also allows you to upload & edit your own Captive Portal Design.

  • Securing your expensive machinery

    From fax machines in small corporate offices to big machines used in industries, Ray Wi-Fi APs secure them all. SoT (Security of Things) at Ray secures the connection & communication between the APs and the devices without the requirement of any agent or scanning. Ray’s cloud-based technology automatically detects and responds to issues instantaneously.

  • Applications of your interest

    The most basic apps like SD-WAN, VPN and Attendance Management sync perfectly with the Ray Access Points’ features. The Ray Application Store is pre-integrated, tested and secured with applications created by trusted developers. Everyone has an app of their taste on Ray’s App Store.

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