• SoT – Security of Things

    • No Agent. No Scanning
    • Real-time & continuous Vulnerability Assessment
    • Cloud-based Device Knowledgebase of IoT Devices
    • Automatic Detection & Response (Disconnect or Quarantine)
  • Guest Wi-Fi / Captive Portal

    • 9 Authentication Types & Built-in Design Templates
    • Built-in AAA (Radius) and Plan Management
    • Upload & Edit your own Captive Portal Design
    • Achieve Regulatory Compliance
  • Intelligent RRM

    • Spectral scans provide a Real-time RF view
    • Visualize AP Density, Radio events & Channel Occupancy
    • Automated RF Channel & Power Optimization
    • Mitigate co-channel interference & signal coverage problems

We know your clients’ comfort
is your priority

And your (ISPs’) comfort is Ray’s priority. Slow internet services, glitches while using the internet, no internet for days without ISP’s awareness about the same results in clients looking for a different service provider, hoping for a better Wi-Fi experience. Ray wireless access points are created keeping in mind all the needs of ISPs and provides them with a complete analysis of their clients by which they are alerted via the Churn Alert notifications.

  • Just you & your analysis

    As an ISP all you need is to make that sale and regular renewal for the same. That happens only if they are happy. For that, you must wonder how you would be able to do that without any IT aid! Ray provides seamless Wi-Fi connectivity with embedded security and taking care of any issues that the clients might be facing with the easy-to-use application.

  • Your observation matters the most

    Gather your relevant details and know the next move of your client. You, as an ISP will be able to examine your client’s Wi-Fi usage and know whether he/she is happy or not. The detailed L7 Analysis intimates you about your client’s user experience and based on that learn about the Churn Rate. Based on your collected information and analysis, you can keep the client by solving his/her issues and not let them go to your competitor or the competitor take them.

  • Tailor-made for ISPs

    Be it a large corporate setup or a small B2B organization, everyone depends on the ISPs for their Wi-Fi connectivity. Ray Wi-Fi has the Ray Application Store that offers apps like the SD-WAN, VPN, Attendance Management, and such that syncs up with the existing apps of organizations and provides them with their apt requirements for work to flow smoothly. The Ray App Store offers a wide range of apps for all kinds of businesses and clients.

Challenges & Opportunities

ISPs’ Challenges & Opportunities
  • See everything, even the things all miss

    When working from home, the facilities that are received in an enterprise network aren’t received when using the home Wi-Fi. This isn’t true with Ray Access Points as its features cater to homes as well as enterprises. Ray’s EYE is one of its features that minuses IT help and provides a stellar Wi-Fi experience. With no IT costs, Ray keeps a tab on devices’ time to connect, capacity, coverage, throughput & visible uptime to measure. It works as your in-house IT support 24*7.

  • Your best bid, dear ISPs

    This is great news for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) as Ray is not only consumer-friendly, but it is also ISP-oriented. Ray APs have been created keeping in mind the ISP struggles helping the ISP to know about the probability of customer churn with the benefit of predicting the customer Quality of Experience (QoE) via the Ray ONE. It reduces truck rolls and operation costs by 30% to 50%.

  • For Enterprises, catering to Home networks too

    Everyone uses the same network while working from home – kids and adults alike. Ray’s Vigil secures policies, audit networks and has government compliances in place to pre-empt, stop or control cyber-threats. It also monitors the traffic for anomalies, insecure protocols, traffic to blacklisted IPs, etc.

Watch – Provide – Limit

With all the advantages as the Internet Service Provider, you get to keep a track of your client’s internet usage and take future actions based on that. Ray Wi-Fi offers seamless connectivity and embedded security, and its Mesh is Wi-Fi certified for a great Wi-Fi experience. It also helps in limiting the Wi-Fi usage to certain groups or individuals based on each organization’s needs.

  • An active watch for everyone’s safety

    As the ISP, you get to be the admin and so you have the access of everything that comes as a package along with Ray Wi-Fi. Ray’s Vigil performs a proactive network audit and as the ISP & admin you will be able to achieve continuous regulatory compliance, enforce company policies based on the organizations that you are working with and also provide you with a CISO Report that can be shared with the authorities or IT heads of the organizations.

  • Guarantee seamless Wi-Fi

    Ray is Wi-Fi certified easy Mesh & Wi-Fi SON that keeps the internet connection intact, keeping its promise of seamless Wi-Fi to everyone who is using Ray wireless access points. Ray offers 1 Touch Mesh Mode that can be self-configured, self-managed and self-healed. It also provides a dedicated radio for a stellar Wi-Fi performance and makes sure that the users don’t face any problems while using the Wi-Fi.

  • Allowing enterprises to bifurcate Wi-Fi usage

    Each industry’s need is different based on their offerings and requirements of their employees plus their end clients. As the admin (ISP) of a particular company from an industry, you have the rights to provide Wi-Fi usage to each employee as per their position based on the given criterion – time, speed, quota & content policies. Traffic can also be categorized into High, Medium, Low, and policies can be provided per Individual, Group or SSID.

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