• Vigil

    • Proactive Network Audit
    • Achieve continuous Regulatory
    • Enforce Company Policies
    • CISO Report
  • EYE

    • KPI Configuration, Monitoring & Visualization
    • Automatic Actions to meet KPI Goals
    • Proactive & Correlated Root Cause Analysis
    • Dynamic Packet Capture for Troubleshooting
  • Intelligent RRM

    • Spectral scans provide a Real-time RF view
    • Visualize AP Density, Radio events & Channel Occupancy
    • Automated RF Channel & Power Optimization
    • Mitigate co-channel interference & signal coverage problems

Higher Studies

With the connection reaching far and wide, be updated about each students’ usage from any corner that you might be operating from. Employ no IT team or person and be familiar with all the ongoings with the wireless network and its usage. The controls can be in your hands and you can fix issues, stop unwanted entries, reduce speed/quota based on each student and staff’s regular usage.

  • So many options & so much to do

    Stay in the loop with frequent updates via the Ray Mobile App. It can be managed anytime, anywhere, receiving real-time alerts & notifications about actionable insights that work on both - Android as well as iOS. Each small network activity is tracked and kept in the list to view in the future too.

  • How’s the connection in the football ground?

    A smart campus is expected to be surrounded with great internet everywhere. At least that is what is the expectation of staff and students. Ray Outdoor Access Points’ coverage is brilliant, where the wireless internet reaches the sports grounds, parking areas, cafeterias, etc. and students can work on their assignments and submissions from everywhere.

  • No IT help, but incredible Wi-Fi experience

    Schools, colleges and universities have students and staff and maybe a few cleaning staff members. Digital learning is the new in thing and IT personnel are employed in case of malfunctions during digital learning sessions. Be rest assured with Ray Wi-Fi and gain a user-friendly smooth Wi-Fi experience, without any IT support.

Challenges & Opportunities

  • Numerous Devices and few Access Points

    Wireless Access Points are being sold in many quantities. Applications are what most of us use and spend our majority amount of time on. Ever heard an Access Point providing applications from all areas, created by trusted developers? The Ray Operating System (OS) is valuable for life as it has apps like the SD-WAN, VPN, Attendance Management, Employee Productivity, etc. This affordable Ray ONE takes care of your security, privacy, and performance.

  • Smart Campus + Smart Stay

    With everyone’s devices being connected to the Wi-Fi Access Points in the campus, it becomes a need for good connection even when the students stay on campus in the hostels, dorms, etc. Their demand would be for a smart stay wherever they are put up. The applications that they use, the ease of knowing about the events happening in their institute, being updated about parking and cafeteria facilities is all via their wireless connection in and out of class.

  • Filter Content & Manage Network Usage

    Students are always curious and that leads them to read and watch things at times that are not age-appropriate for them. Build a haven for them, where the content they access as well as their usage are in check and they don’t falter with real-time access of everything easily available on the web.

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