• Insights

    • Web Traffic Monitoring & Categorization
    • Application (L7) Traffic Monitoring & Categorization
    • Geo Segmentation of Traffic
    • TOR, Crypto & Blacklisted IP Alert
  • Vigil

    • Proactive Network Audit
    • Achieve continuous Regulatory
    • Enforce Company Policies
    • CISO Report
  • Guest Wi-Fi / Captive Portal

    • 9 Authentication Types & Built-in Design Templates
    • Built-in AAA (Radius) and Plan Management
    • Upload & Edit your own Captive Portal Design
    • Achieve Regulatory Compliance

Technology is your best friend when
you are going digital

A digital enterprise has a lot of dealings with technology on every move made. Each step taken brings interaction with technology and along with it comes the aspects of its security to keep the device, its data, and the to & fro communication safe. With Ray Wi-Fi’s seamless connectivity also comes the features that keep your work and device safe from the beginning. The cloud technology keeps everything on it and the sending and receiving of data from there becomes simpler and faster.

  • How about a Digital Enterprise without any IT aid?

    We’d say that that’s ideal. Being a digital enterprise, there shouldn’t be any need for seeking IT aid outside or hiring IT experts to solve your queries. That doesn’t mean that you become an expert, but simply that Ray Wi-Fi access points don’t require you to be an expert in IT, but discover and solve issues detected automatically with seamless connectivity via Ray’s EYE.

  • Association with more Technology when going Digital

    Enterprise & Home IoT (Internet of Things) are growing at an unbelievable rate and the machines are surpassing humans speedily. Work from Home is the new in and everyone working from home has their home devices connected to the Wi-Fi along with their office ones too based on their work. Ray’s SoT (Security of Things) connects these devices digitally and takes complete responsibility of its security as it detects anomalies and alerts the admin about it. Ray’s SoT is backed with Machine Learning (ML).

  • Stronger the Base better the Digital Performance

    The base on which a digital enterprise is built and operates well is quite important for things to function well digitally. Managing and scaling are the simplest here on Ray’s cloud platform. It’s easy on the pocket and is also well-equipped for modern day enterprise demands. The cloud qualifies Ray to drive features backing with the AI technology. The cloud-driven microservices and cloud architecture also performs real-time data streaming with the enterprise stream processing platforms.

Secure devices & data from
anywhere at any time

Digital Enterprises' one of the most crucial requirements is to have seamless connectivity (to numerous devices as everything is digital), but that too with uncompromised security. Ray’s Wireless Security & Mobile Apps’ feature help you with all of this. But this isn’t it - Ray’s iRRM (Intelligent Radio Resource Management) helps you learn about co-channel interferences with real-time details resulting in automated actions promising optimum results and connectivity.

  • Is going digital worth it? Are you secured enough?

    Enterprises prefer Wi-Fi or wireless networks for device and things’ connectivity. Unfortunately, it is also the most preferred method for hackers to hack systems and perform unsolicited actions. This could cause businesses millions and incur unexpected losses of customers and market respect too. Rogue AP and Evil Twin attacks are some of the most well-known wireless attacks. Ray wireless APs perform proactive RF scans, ensuring optimum performance along with reducing the chances of misconfiguration or weak wireless configuration.

  • Stay updated from anywhere at any time

    It’s not only staying updated, but even being able to perform actions from any remote location that you would be working from and at any time. With the Ray Mobile Application, it helps one visualize the entire enterprise network and take care of the key KPIs from wherever at whatever time of the day. It also notifies you real-time and sends alerts to admins informing them about all the ongoing activities.

  • Optimal configuration, saving numerous man hours

    With everything connected, there are times when the Wi-Fi connectivity can go bad. It is that time that RRM has to align things in a way that the spectrum is used in the most efficient way. iRRM or intelligent Radio Resource Management provides a visual view of the RF spectrum, neighbour AP creating an AP density view, channel occupancy and all the Radio events that have occurred in the network. iRRM optimally configures power and selects an appropriate channel in a dynamic RF environment – all in an automated way saving man hours.

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