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    • Web Traffic Monitoring & Categorization
    • Application (L7) Traffic Monitoring & Categorization
    • Geo Segmentation of Traffic
    • TOR, Crypto & Blacklisted IP Alert
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    • Apps like SD-WAN, VPN, Attendance Management
    • Pre-integrated, Tested & Secure Applications
    • Secure Apps developed by Trusted Developers
    • Reduces TCO through Extensibility
  • Mesh

    • Wi-Fi certified Easy Mesh & Wi-Fi SON
    • 1-touch Mesh Mode
    • Self-configuring, Self-managing & Self-healing
    • Dedicated Radio* for stellar Performance

A keen eye for hackers & misusers equally

Work can function smoothly without any IT team as there are hardly going to be any Wi-Fi glitches. In fact, during times of glitches the vast offerings of Ray, will notify you for the same and based on that you would be able to take relevant actions for the glitch right from where you are. This allows you to work from a remote location and take care of everything from that exact place without any need of an IT person. Ray’s features help you to streamline all your organizational tasks with the provision of Wi-Fi that leaves you without any complaints.

  • No need to hire an IT Team

    Big or small - all kinds of corporate setups must have Wi-Fi. It is one of the basic needs that each entrepreneur would agree with and choosing that is a task. What if we told you that with Ray Wi-Fi, the purchase you make is of the Access Point accompanied with its numerous valuable features that helps your business and you to grow and be successful. Ray’s Eye requires you to not have an IT team but makes sure that there aren’t major issues that need IT help. You can take care of your network on your own, without any IT knowledge.

  • Is your corporate network loose?

    Cyber-threats are mostly encountered by corporate networks. It is indeed difficult to be prevented from these threats and there are many tactics that corporates use to try and get rid of those. It is unfortunate that they aren’t always successful in doing so. Vigil by Ray takes care of your worries of cyber-threats. It provides you with security policies, network audits and government compliances to pre-empt, stop or control cyber-threats.

  • Big or small enterprise - This is for you!

    In a corporate setup Wi-Fi serves as one of the most important needs for the whole organization, taking care of everyone from the top to the bottom fronts. Within that internet usage is at its peak and most of the times unaware as to which people require it the most and which just use it for their entertainment and not so much for work purposes. Ray’s Entertainment Policies & Traffic Shaping will not only allow you to check who is using how much internet, but it will also allow you to assign a usage limit based on the time, the speed at which they can use it and content that they are allowed to access.

Secure data, devices and
make guests happy

Wi-Fi is available at all places these days and no corporate setups would be without it. The question then is as to how good or bad is the Wi-Fi that is used in a particular setup. Based on the offerings that a particular kind of access points provide would we be able to gauge how good/bad it is. Ray has very many offerings and it maintains the happiness of the corporates, their employees, guests, and everyone who needs to use the Wi-Fi for immediate usage or for leisure. Keeping them all happy and simplifying their lives with technology is what it wishes to achieve.

  • Cater to your visitors’ Wi-Fi needs

    Are you able to keep your visitors happy with their Wi-Fi needs, when they visit your corporate office? There might be employees coming from a different branch, potential clients for a meeting with the Sales Team, a friend or family member who might drop in to visit you, etc. You can provide them with your office Wi-Fi for seamless connectivity and no worries about security. The one easy way for that is Ray’s Guest Wi-Fi, which offers various Captive Portals for guests to log in to use the wireless internet.

  • Along with guests come their devices

    When guests come in to visit you at your workplace, they also come in with their own electronic devices that they need to connect, with your Wi-Fi network to be able to work and access their required material. The worry for these guests is about the security of their devices while using an unknown network and risking confidential data on it. Ray offers Security of Things (SoT) that enables users to secure their data and devices providing seamless Wi-Fi connectivity at the same time.

  • Real-time RF view for optimum coverage

    The Radio Resource Management ranges the wireless connection across connected devices and extreme usage of the Wi-Fi internet in a very efficient way. Many access points may use the same channel frequencies which can lead to bad Wi-Fi performance. For that Intelligent RRM via Ray focuses on the optimal configuration of power and channel selection in a dynamic RF environment, in an automatic way saving numerous manual hours in complex environments.

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