• KPI Configuration, Monitoring & Visualization
    • Automatic Actions to meet KPI Goals
    • Proactive & Correlated Root Cause Analysis
    • Dynamic Packet Capture for Troubleshooting
  • Ray App Store

    • Apps like SD-WAN, VPN, Attendance Management
    • Pre-integrated, Tested & Secure Applications
    • Secure Apps developed by Trusted Developers
    • Reduces TCO through Extensibility
  • Intelligent RRM

    • Spectral scans provide a Real-time RF view
    • Visualize AP Density, Radio events & Channel Occupancy
    • Automated RF Channel & Power Optimization
    • Mitigate co-channel interference & signal coverage problems

Catering to online and inline
customers at par

Finances are kept and dealt online these days even though a lot of people find it risky and older people don’t even know how to use the internet at its best. But this is the new in and we must work with it to stay in sync with the latest upcoming, technologies. Ray Wi-Fi is an asset in banks and homes alike due to its many corporate and home -friendly features keeping all kinds of users hooked, without needing them to look elsewhere to fulfil their, their guests and their devices’ Wi-Fi and security needs.

  • Be customer-centric in a friendly environment

    Banks and financial systems have simplified access to them by their alternate presence online. That is easy to access and learn about your money and its usage without anyone’s help. Wi-Fis are a part of banks and financial institutions, these days. Ray Wi-Fi’s access points come with its known features like the Guest Wi-Fi and that allows the customers to use their bank accounts and learn more about it from the bank officials, simplifying banking for them.

  • Carrying work on your sleeve?

    There is no need to worry about working on the go, with Ray wireless services. We have known most of us moving around with our work devices to attend to immediate calls and respond to emails. In a place like a bank, with Ray Wi-Fi there, the customer need not worry about his/her data and/or device security as it provides real-time, continuous vulnerability assessment.

  • You have private data to be kept private?

    All data is important and needs to be secured. But data in the field of medicine and money are the most confidential data to be protected in all ways possible. Hospitals and banking plus finance institutes worry about their data the most and find ways in which it can be secured. Ray’s Insights provides you with L7 analysis, monitoring traffic and categorizing it for the bank’s benefit. Not only that, but it also blacklists and IP alerts the entry of unwanted users and fraudsters.

Good Wi-Fi, driving employees’ focus

When given the credentials of the Wi-Fi network, everyone uses it at its fullest. At times work is compromised upon when at work and that can cause a blockage in the growth of an organization. With Ray this worry can take a back-seat and cyber threats can too. Ray’s features bring back employees’ focus and takes care of all the unwanted and illegal sites, keeping the Wi-Fi network safe & secure. Along with all of this, it also provides unmatchable Wi-Fi for work and fun to function smoothly.

  • Keeping cyber-threats at the threshold

    The greatest number of crimes is noted to be cybercrimes and the internet has turned out to be not a very safe place these days. People come across sites and click on things that they are not supposed to or allow links, users to enter their Wi-Fi network without their knowing, which results in major drawbacks. Vigil by Ray enforces company policies, proactively audits network and achieves continuous regulatory compliances along with a CISO report keeping cybercrimes far away.

  • Great, uninterrupted Wi-Fi performance

    Imagine the state in which the Banking & Finance officials would be, with low internet that have left tasks interrupted. With Ray access points, various institutes, especially the ones dealing with money can be at peace knowing that people’s money will stay secure even while accessing it online. Ray is Wi-Fi certified easy Mesh & Wi-Fi SON that is self-configuring, self-managing & self-healing.

  • Wi-Fi for each person and as per their requirements

    Everyone who is a part of an enterprise will have the access to the Wi-Fi and would be able to log into the network and use the internet. How about when each employee can access content related to their work for a specific time period and for a certain amount of the decided internet usage? Ray’s Enterprise Policies & Traffic Shaping lets you do the same and it also helps you learn about the troubled areas of your customers based on their usage of various applications.

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