• KPI Configuration, Monitoring & Visualization
    • Automatic Actions to meet KPI Goals
    • Proactive & Correlated Root Cause Analysis
    • Dynamic Packet Capture for Troubleshooting
  • Intelligent RRM

    • Spectral scans provide a Real-time RF view
    • Visualize AP Density, Radio events & Channel Occupancy
    • Automated RF Channel & Power Optimization
    • Mitigate co-channel interference & signal coverage problems
  • Ray App Store

    • Apps like SD-WAN, VPN, Attendance Management
    • Pre-integrated, Tested & Secure Applications
    • Secure Apps developed by Trusted Developers
    • Reduces TCO through Extensibility

Enhancing and Customizing
Patient Experiences

The healthcare industry is empowered with intelligent technologies linked with Wi-Fi, but not always adhering to compliances that play a major role in keeping hackers at bay. With the numerous devices attached to and for the patient care, security is at stake where Healthcare data is the most valuable data, today. Ray cloud-based Wi-Fi Access Points secure patients and its guests from all of this and also gives health the most priority, leaving your patients content with remarkable patient care experiences.

  • Keeping Privacy with HIPPA Compliance

    The personal data of a patient like the medical history, financial details, medical insurance’s information, etc. is valuable to hackers. Ray’s Vigil with its proactive Network Audit suggests Network loopholes, ensuring that new devices and software or firmware updates adhere to privacy and security norms.

  • Securing Things

    From Connected inhalers and sleep monitors to ingestible sensors, Healthcare are the biggest consumers of IoT devices. Ray SoT with its Machine Learning algorithms and Cloud-based Device Knowledgebase of 1000s of IoT Devices provides Real-time & continuous Vulnerability Assessment and Response (Disconnect or Quarantine) upon a threat or anomaly detection.

  • Health First

    Enterprise policies built in Ray ONE to ensure that medical devices like doctor’s tablet to the remote robotic surgery machine can be given the highest internet priority ensuring best healthcare experiences. These policies can be applied as per individual, group or SSID and that too with regards to time, speed, content, and quota (usage).

  • Privacy & Security

    Healthcare contains some of the most sensitive data and uses a large number of connected devices. Maintaining regulatory compliances, ensuring high security and privacy is the key. With machines replacing humans, endpoint security is changed and moved towards securing things. A study by Clark School mentions a hacker attack every 39 seconds leading to losses in billions of dollars directly and indirectly. Being aware of such constant threats out there, privacy & security in the Healthcare industry take the topmost priority.

  • Mission Critical

    Connectivity is the core of modern healthcare. Dependency on IT staff is expected to be nil as the situation of life and death can arise in a hospital. A hospital or medical centre’s infrastructure is big and spread out widely, due to which coverage of a Wi-Fi network has always been a persistent issue. An enterprise-grade wireless access point is a must in hospitals and clinics as it consists of essential features and to simplify the use of the Wi-Fi for all without the need of any learning. Research states that investing in WiFi 6, also known as 802.11 ax, is paramount for hospitals as it has great offerings like faster speeds, better control, and improved efficiency.

  • Comfort & Ease

    Providing patients with a differentiated healthcare experience requires great data driven insights. Recent reports state that healthcare data breaches carry the highest costs of any industry at 408$ per record with an average data breach reaching $3.86 million in total damages. Especially for this in today’s times, in a customer-centric industry data analytics can be beneficial in more than one way. Along with this, the patient would experience utmost comfort and ease with seamless Wi-Fi connectivity.

Enriched Health is defined
via Wireless Technologies

Continual Wi-Fi without any glitches is of prime importance. Especially when medical assistance is required remotely in various unexpected situations. Security is one other major concern that is a constant in everyone’s device - be it a doctor, patient, guest, etc., which can be eliminated via Ray access points. It also provides you with a layered information that enhances the way you move towards your next plan of action.

  • Remote Healthcare

    Hospitals are increasingly adopting the Tele/Remote health as they reduce costs, protect staff, and improve care by providing a safer and more efficient clinical workflow. Ray wireless access points enable Virtual Care Technology and Services with smooth and uninterrupted Wi-Fi.

  • Guest Access

    While the guest internet is the most demanded services, an improperly deployed and managed guest network presents serious security risks and non-compliance. Ray with built-in security & variety of Captive Portals work towards providing a secure and smooth internet experience along with expanding a Brand Name or receiving feedback.

  • Heat Maps

    Insights provides a lot of deep visualized Insights from network and business perspective like Heat Maps, busy hours, usage patterns, application categorization to enhance healthcare experience. It helps to monitor, categorise and block L7 applications through a world-class DPI engine running on the Wi-Fi access point.

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