Top 5 Reasons Why Ray Wi-Fi Wins Against the Competition

Raylife WiFi Access Point in Your Office

Connectivity is the heart and soul of any modern business enterprise. Without reliable internet connectivity, businesses cannot manage their operations, deal with customer queries or reach out to their target audience. The importance of internet connectivity makes it critical for businesses to invest in wireless access points in its office premises.

With several players in the market, it becomes hard for a business owner to choose the best wireless access point. Before you make a decision, read through this blog and see why Ray Life WiFi access points are better than others.

Ray Life Enterprise Wireless Solutions

Ray Life has ignited a revolution in connectivity ecosystem by providing cutting-edge wireless access point solutions for small and medium enterprises. Designed to offer seamless connectivity, Ray Life provides the best wireless access points that require minimum maintenance, zero on-site configuration and high-end features.

The innovative solutions allow you to make the most out of your WiFi and offers seamless coverage, without increasing your cost of operations.

Why Choose Ray Life WiFi Access Points?

Cloud-based Solution

Ray Life wireless solutions are based on cloud infrastructure to help you get superior-grade and scalable connectivity across the entire office premises. Cloud-based connectivity ensures that your operations never suffer due to inaccessibility.

Equipped with in-build cloud services, Ray Life access points help you run business-critical applications on the cloud, without needing to invest additionally in IT infrastructure.

What does this mean for your business?

  • Superior operational flexibility: Choose from subscription-based cloud model or on-premise deployment
  • Easily configurable access points: Set up a WiFi network without complicated setup. Enjoy plug and play convenience with RayLife.
  • Dynamic API programmability: Independent connectivity solutions for round-the-clock connectivity to other business-critical services even on failure of one service.
  • Simplified maintenance & troubleshooting: Works on microservices architecture for easy maintenance and troubleshooting without disrupting connectivity.
  • On-demand Scalability: Flexible architecture to meet the dynamic needs of a growing business

Cutting-edge Security

Any business yearns for security of valuable business data. With the help of a secured WiFi network, businesses can effectively deal with malware and hacking threats. Businesses can invest strategically in secured WiFi networks that not only saves them from external threats but also boost their growth prospects.

Ray Life Wireless Access Points are equipped with advanced security features to help you mitigate risks and patch vulnerabilities. All this without needing to hire dedicated IT resources or tech team. What more can a small business ask for?

What does this mean for your business?

  • Real-time detection: Using advanced analytics and visibility of threats and vulnerabilities
  • Instant vulnerability alerts: To monitor threats and raise red flags, on-the-go.
  • Intuitive security: Keep an eye on security framework and IT operations without the need for dedicated resources.
  • Deep Insights: Discover increasing threats and fine-tune your IT systems with valuable and actionable insights.

Simplified IT Management & Operations

One of the biggest problems a growing business face is the increased IT maintenance and operations costs. With Ray Life wireless network solutions, small businesses can enjoy enterprise-grade connectivity without over-stretching their budgets.

Ray Life Wireless Access Points are developed with small businesses in mind. The cloud-based network architecture allows businesses to get on-demand scalability, cutting-edge connectivity and best-in-class service, without hiring a skilled IT resource.

What does this mean for your business?

  • Cost efficiency: You’re no longer required to invest in expensive IT set up and resources
  • Cutting-edge connectivity: Reliable, robust and enterprise-grade connectivity is a promise Ray Life fulfils at every point.
  • Ease of Connectivity & Scalability: Businesses can grow their networks on-demand, anytime, without worrying about configuration, installation or management.

Excellent Coverage

Investing in a Ray Life wireless access point gives you superior-grade coverage around your office. This means that your employees can stay connected on multiple devices, throughout the day. Ray Life’s efficient network design allows you to maximize the coverage across your entire workspace.

What does this mean for your business?

  • Best-in-class experience: Experience blazing fast speeds throughout the office without breaks with Ray Life.
  • Seamless connectivity: Employees can move around the office without having to worry about reconnecting to the nearest access point for a seamless experience.
  • Bye-bye to Dead Zones: Ray Life’s smart connectivity solutions eliminate the chance of WiFi dead zone within an office space.
  • Amazing Speeds: The access point hardware is designed to support maximum speeds on all the devices without any trouble. 

Real-Time Analytics

One of the most important, but often ignored features, of an enterprise access point, is its capability to capture, store and analyze large amounts of data. Ray Life smart access points are equipped with analytical capabilities to derive useful insights from employee/end-customer behaviour on the network.

Ray Life access points come with a large number of valuable analytics tools to help you make data-driven business decisions with ease and efficiency.

What does this mean for your business?

  • Informed decision making: Get valuable insights into consumer/employee behaviours to make smart business decisions.
  • Target audience discovery: Make use of analytics to improve your marketing tactics by discovering your target audience easily.
  • Track user behaviour: Get detailed information about guest user behaviour on your network and refine your marketing and promotion strategy accordingly.
  • Get Real-Time Alerts: Nurture your business decisions with real-time alerts for data that can enhance your bottom lines e.g. check the busiest hours, identify most effective product displays, optimize staffing and do a lot more. 

Final Words:

Ray Life is a useful addition to your business connectivity strategy if you want to get the most out of your workforce. With the help of Ray Life’s advanced features and seamless connectivity, your business can achieve unprecedented heights within a short time. Discover more on how Ray Life WiFi access points can help you grow by getting in touch with our experts, now.

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