WIFI Offload & ANDSF


  • Network Congestion in High-Density areas
  • SMEs Settling for Home-Grade Devices
  • Lower Quality Experience


  • Carrier-grade WiFi

    Offer high-performance WiFi experience using 802.11ac technology. Expand reach without worrying of long lead time or complex configuration.

  • Seamless Offloading

    Deliver the best experience in the most challenging environment. Offload cellular traffic to WiFi networks in areas showing rapid growth and high traffic congestion.

  • ANDSF advantage

    Manage network traffic while maintaining seamless network transitions for the end user. Benefit from interoperability and intelligent network selection function.

  • Intelligent Offloading

    Optimize network traffic management with Ray. Intelligent functions identify when to offload traffic and redirect once congestion is under control.

  • Hotspot 2.0 enabled

    Simplify connection procedure between the consumer device and Access Points with hotspot 2.0 Ensure seamless authentication and encryption process with Ray.

  • Supported Protocols

    Ease authentication procedure using EAP-SIM/ EAP-AKA and EAP-AKA’ solutions. Offer simplified access with improved quality of experience.


  • Maintain high QoE

    Provide consistently great end-user experience by ensuring network coverage and reliability. Assure high Quality of Experience by prioritizing secure, high-performance WiFi.

  • Optimize Traffic

    Alleviate congestion on cellular networks. Enable traffic management function across licensed and unlicensed spectrum for seamless connectivity.