• Movement between Access Points
  • Prioritization for Voice Calling
  • Expensive Infrastructure Investment
  • Complexities in Network Configuration


  • Fast Handoff

    Credentials follow subscribers while they move within coverage areas. Offer an unparalleled experience as users seamlessly move between Access Points with the rapid handoff.

  • Voice Priority

    Intelligent features enable Ray to identify and prioritize traffic. Provide uninterrupted voice-calling experience by giving maximum bandwidth priority.

  • Network Quality Check

    Test and score network to verify if it is voice-ready. Monitor real-time and flag systems to determine if offloading is the best option.

  • Real-time Monitoring

    Avoid incidents of jitter, packet-loss or latency by diagnosing real-time. Ensure that voice calls are routed only if the network is voice-ready.


  • Uninterrupted Voice

    Equip secure, reliable voice services. Deliver seamless experience in the most challenging environment by prioritizing and offloading voice traffic to WiFi.

  • Seamless Movement

    Move easily between Access Points during a call. Offer seamless connectivity through the Voice-over-LTE on the native dialer to automatically route calls over WiFi.

  • Equip Capacity

    Expand network capacity swiftly and intelligently. Offload voice traffic over WiFi in areas showing rapid growth and high traffic congestion.

  • Lower Cost

    Increase network performance and range, without an expensive upgrade to the macro network. Offer reliable service in high traffic areas while increasing capacity and lowering cost.

  • Maintain high QoS

    Easy to configure, built-in features to ensure voice optimization. Important applications get prioritized aptly on devices across the network