Visibility and Control


  • Network Management
  • Troubleshooting
  • Truck-Roll expenses
  • High IT-expertise
  • Measuring Quality of Performance
  • Accessing Analytical Data
  • High Turn-around-time


  • Unified Dashboard

    Centralized control panel to advance your operations. End to end visibility to monitor, manage and identify issues before user workflows are affected.

  • Log Synopsis

    Simplify data management using a single interface. Monitor records, observe trends, track historical data and generate reports easily.

  • Vigilant Reporting

    Automated alerts ensure smooth functioning and make maintenance easy. Quickly diagnose problems, spot issues and find recommendations for troubleshooting.

  • Connectivity Analytics

    Ensure optimum network performance with live connectivity monitoring. Find predictions for actionable insights giving impeccable user experience.

  • Proactive Alerts

    Convert a traditionally reactive approach to proactive problem-solving with Ray. Prevent any potential issue from causing major impact with preemptive alerts.

  • Remote Troubleshooting

    Easily address customer grievances. Resolve issues remotely with access to historical data, device-level visibility and ability to perform real-time diagnostic tests.

  • Web Self-Care

    Fix a plethora of basic issues with self-care feature. Ensure convenient resolution through complete material access over web and app platforms.

  • SLA-bound Services

    Assure quality services with Ray. Run real-time diagnostics to ensure committed requirements are met and implement proactive actionable insights in case of potential issues.

  • Auto-Updates

    Ray automatically manages updates to protect customers against potential threats. Equip your customers with the latest firmware updates and assure performance.


  • Reduced Turn-Around-Time

    Eliminate the time invested in truck-rolls using Ray’s visibility and control. Troubleshoot remotely while saving on operational costs.

  • Pinpoint Customer Issue

    Troubleshoot quickly and easily equipped with end-to-end visibility. Deduce the exact issue with precision using data from monitored activities.

  • Avoid Truck-Rolls

    Make truck-rolls a thing of the past. Remotely address customer grievances with complete virtual access to resolve issues.

  • Reduced Operational Cost

    Cut down on operational expenses with Ray’s advanced features. Eliminate the need for skilled personnel by utilizing intelligent functions to address traditional pain points.

  • Easily Resolve Grievances

    Conveniently address customer grievances with device level information access. Assure quality with complete control of AP, scheduled monitoring and proactive alerts.

  • Run Diagnostic Tests

    Run real-time diagnostic tests whenever required. Test quality of experience by measuring linked parameters to assure committed service levels are met.

  • Business Solutions

    Present comprehensive business solutions to SMEs. Offer to managed WiFi as a solution to organizations without a dedicated IT team.

  • Simplified Maintenance

    Retain complete regulatory control with the provision of streamlining and automating customer network management. Administer user accounts and devices to simplify management.