Simplified IT


  • Need for Dedicated IT Expertise
  • Understanding Network Operations
  • SMEs Settling for Home-Grade WiFi
  • Detecting Root Cause for Problems
  • WiFi Controller Operation


  • Root Cause Analysis

    Proactively identify inefficiencies and easily fix them by resolving the root cause. Improve productivity and cut delay by access to systematic, dependable insights

  • Controller-free WiFi

    Cloud-managed wifi solutions eliminate need for dedicated IT expertise. Automate software and security updates provisioning with Ray.

  • Policy Management

    Easily set up a wireless access point network as per your company policies. Depend on our intuitive interface to simplify all your network operations.

  • Intuitive Design

    Ray is an ideal solution for businesses without IT expertise. Build a secure, reliable wireless network that is easy to manage and maintain.

  • Centralized Dashboard

    Centralized control panel to simplify your operations. End to end visibility to monitor, manage and identify issues from a single interface.


  • Enterprise-grade Performance

    Set up high-performance, business-class network without compromising on the budget. Combine enterprise-grade execution and hassle-free user experience with Ray.

  • Cost efficient

    Eliminate the need for expensive set-up and IT requirements. Replace dependency on expensive IT skills by depending on our intuitive interface design.

  • Plug and Play Simplicity

    Future-proof your investment by flexibly scaling as your business grows. Assure consistent, reliable connectivity without complex configuration needs.