• SMEs Settling for Home-Grade WiFi
  • Need for Dedicated IT-Expertise
  • Detecting Root-Cause
  • Incorporating New Offerings in Existing Product
  • Immediate Problem Resolution


  • Threat Detection

    Effectively detect and respond early using actionable insights. Utilise intelligent feeds to generate immediate resolution.

  • Regular Updates

    Update your offerings with the latest that the industry has to offer. Continually enhance services to ensure the best offerings for the customer.

  • Intelligent Protection

    Combat malware and data breaches with intelligent threat prevention. Equip your wireless access point network with comprehensive protection it needs.

  • Efficient Monitoring

    Monitor in real-time and easily prevent potential threats. Utilize data visualization and reporting features to index trends across the network.

  • Intensive Reporting

    Automate scheduled report generation to summarize reports across wide range of parameters. Demonstrate usage, engagement, security trends and much more.

  • Quick Troubleshooting

    Respond rapidly by addressing issues with quick remediation. Enable automated alerts and visibility for efficient troubleshooting from anywhere at any time.


  • Proactive Detection

    Utilize advanced visibility and analytic intelligence to effectively detect threats. Proactively combat detected threats with actionable alerts

  • Instant Alerts

    Efficiently monitor and safeguard against threats on-the-go. Ensure rapid response for your customers by offering intelligent prevention mechanisms.

  • Technical Support

    Eliminate the need for dedicated IT-expertise with intuitive security services. Access total security with both proactive and reactive security measures.

  • Simplified Maintenance

    Ease security management by accessing control using a centralized intuitive interface. Maximize productivity with easy-to-use tools and automation.

  • Actionable Insights

    Proactively decrease threats and vulnerabilities while ensuring performance. Easily convert available data to actions that prevent potential risks.