Intelligent Wi Fi


  • Optimizing Network as per Requirements
  • Complications for Setup and Configuration
  • Threat Prevention
  • Rapid Action on Threat Detection
  • Comprehensive Network Protection


  • Adaptive WiFi

    Ray continuously learns about your wifi network usage needs to better adapt and allocate capacity where you need it most. Its intelligent design help it to optimize to your needs.

  • Forget Setup Complications

    Presenting best in class installation ease with Ray access points. Experience convenience from the very first step. Ray doesn’t require any tedious set-up or calibration

  • Web Self-Care

    Fix a plethora of basic issues with self-care feature. Ensure convenient resolution through complete material access over web and app platforms.

  • Instant Alerts

    Efficiently monitor and safeguard against threats on-the-go. Ensure rapid response for your customers by offering intelligent prevention mechanisms.


  • Simplified Maintenance

    Retain complete regulatory control with the provision of streamlining and automating customer network management. Administer user accounts and devices to simplify management.

  • Maintain high QoE

    Provide consistently great end-user experience by ensuring network coverage and reliability. Assure high Quality of Experience by prioritizing secure, high-performance WiFi.

  • Easy Configuration

    Once the device is on-site it can be configured in minutes. An easy step-by-step configuration guide and fully operational service days ensure a trouble-free experience.

  • Intelligent Protection

    Combat malware and data breaches with intelligent threat prevention. Equip your wifi network with comprehensive protection it needs.