Integrated System


  • Information Sharing between Apps
  • Managing Innumerable Apps
  • Readily Available SDK
  • Building Brand Loyalty
  • Interoperability between OSS and BSS


  • Open API

    Enrich your data set with a wealth of intelligence. Seamlessly integrate Ray access points with other technologies to generate the best solutions for easy operations.

  • App integration

    Eliminate the need for a separate application to access and control Ray. Benefit from seamless integration with your existing application with our SDK.

  • CRM Controls

    Simplify customer service and information management. Conveniently access all your data from one place and impact loyalty and customer retention with distinctive control.


  • Easy Management

    Simplify management by accessing data from interdependent platforms in one location. Provision daily tasks and unlock new business insights with Ray.

  • Improve Experience

    Multiply the value of network and application data. Create positive customer experiences by easily monitoring and managing incidents across OSS and BSS.

  • Agile Integration

    Eliminate the need for additional software with an agile solution. Integrated BSS functions help simplify management by consolidating and modernizing operations.

  • Comprehensive Servicing

    Manage disparate systems with the assurance of security. Enable operations automation to allow interoperability between Business and Operational Systems.