Flexible Deployment


  • Adherence to Government Regulations
  • Matching Deployment to Organization Needs
  • Security in Deployment Options
  • Device Setup and Configuration Complexities
  • Scaling to Meet Organizational Requirements


  • Private Cloud

    Deploy private cloud instance of Ray manager to meet large scale requirements. Enjoy control of hosting at on-premise data center or cloud service provider account.

  • Deployment Options

    Choose from an array of local, cloud or hybrid deployment options depending on your organization needs. Conveniently switch anytime to meet evolving requirements.

  • Secure Deployment

    Avoid risking sensitive data on a public cloud by using Ray’s secure in-house deployment capabilities. Choose the best for your organization’s changing needs.

  • Easy Configuration

    Once the device is on-site it can be configured in minutes. An easy step-by-step configuration guide and fully operational service days ensure a trouble-free experience.

  • Deliver Performance

    Engineered to best meet network access management and analytics needs. Present exceptional performance, remarkable speed and unparalleled flexibility in offerings with Ray.

  • Simplified DevOps

    Address mismatches between development and production environments using Docker and Kubernetes. Manage and improve business agility efficiently.

  • Intelligent Auto-Scaling

    Ensure greater business agility by improving provisioning and infrastructure. Intelligent Auto-scaling feature enables Ray to configure itself to always match your requirements.

  • Combat Redundancy

    Assure consistent services under challenging circumstances. Combat local redundancy with compensation from Disaster Recovery site servers.


  • Privacy

    Assure security against potential vulnerabilities. Protect customer data following best practices as recommended by industry experts.

  • Cost Effective

    Ray requires zero on-site configuration and can be entirely managed on the cloud. Eliminate the cost of deploying on-site hardware or skilled IT personnel at customer sites.