• Scaling Up to Coverage Needs
  • Network Prioritization
  • Throughput Analysis
  • Dead Zones
  • Navigating between Access Points
  • Buffer-free Content Streaming


  • Scales up to requirements

    Challenged by scale? Here’s how we make that go away, Ray is ready to blanket a seamless WiFi experience for any area you need, scale no bar.

  • Enhanced Capacity

    Ensure superfast wireless connections even with additional devices owing to separate frequency bands. Address demands made on capacity with remarkable ease.

  • Coverage Analysis

    Improve QoE with coverage analytics. Identify any additional access point requirements and improve customer satisfaction by assuring strong coverage across your space.

  • Prioritize Usage

    Intelligent features enable Ray to identify and prioritize traffic. Prioritize applications, resources and users to maintain high-quality service.

  • Optimal Throughput

    Ensure getting the highest throughput the band can afford. Ray automatically detects the least congested channels and utilizes it for best performance.


  • Deliver best experience

    The smooth sailing with Ray on your end also extends to your users. Our signature Ray experience so that you offer the best, always.

  • Seamless Movement

    Ray automatically connects to the best network as you navigate to ensure seamless experience. Move easily within your space without breaking connectivity.

  • No Dead Zones

    Banish WiFi dead-zones and unreliable connections. Blanket your entire space in smart, secure and reliable connection with Ray.

  • Superfast Speed

    Ensure performance and functionality even in high density environments. Enjoy buffer-free video and audio content on every device you connect.