Cloud-driven Approach


  • Flexible Cloud Subscriptions
  • Complications in Setup and Configuration
  • On-Demand Network Upgrades
  • Troubleshooting without Network Disruption
  • Expensive Hardware Investment
  • High Operational Costs


  • Deployment Preference

    Enjoy complete flexibility on how and where the application is running. Choose from offering as a cloud-based subscription or on-premise deployment service

  • Forget Setup Complications

    Presenting best in class installation ease with Ray access points. Experience convenience from the very first step simplifying the wifi network setup process more than ever before.

  • API Programmability

    Ensure wifi network resiliency with cent percent API programmability. Independent service design structure assures that failure of one service does not affect others.

  • Quick Troubleshooting

    Microservices architecture enables carrying out on-demand network upgrades within a short time. Troubleshoot in near real-time without network disruption.


  • Scales up to requirements

    Scale up or down flexibly to match your optimum requirements. Blanket any area you need in a seamless WiFi experience, scale no bar.

  • Cloud Flexibility

    Eliminate the need to invest in expensive hardware with Ray. Choose the latest cloud technologies to deliver flexible speed, scale and resiliency.

  • Simplified Management

    Enable easy deployment, management and support for wireless access. Reduce operational costs and complexity with Ray.