• Customer Engagement
  • Drawing Actionable Insights
  • Segmenting, targeting and retaining customers
  • Personalizing Customer Communication
  • Staff misallocation
  • Understanding Customer Interests
  • Campaign visibility
  • Building Detailed Customer Profiles


  • Empower Marketing Stack

    Reimagine your marketing stack with our range of integrations, APIs and webhooks driving more efficient spending and overall benefit

  • Cloud-based Dashboard

    A one-stop intuitive dashboard making real-time data from across your locations easy to understand, enabling immediate action

  • Combine Vertical Integration

    Optimize your workspace by integrating your business management ecosystem. Find and book meeting rooms based on availability, number of attendees, resources required etc.

  • Dependable High Accuracy

    Depend on data to assist business decision making with actionable and reliable insights with negligible impact on operations and IT infrastructure.

  • Use Precision Targeting

    Select the right audience to make the most of location-based insights, creating personalized experiences for your users at the same time


  • Discover Target Audience

    Amplify the effectiveness of on-site promotions and communications by reaching the right users. Make informed decisions to pitch the right offer to the right buyer

  • 360-degree Profiling

    Build comprehensive record of a customer by integrating data from multiple sources, on-site attributes, and actions enabling accurate future predictions

  • Build Brand Loyalty

    Track and build loyalty through targeted offerings. Enable easy promotion options so guests to your location can endorse your virtual presence

  • Analyze Campaign Effectiveness

    Directly analyze marketing strategy effectiveness by learning prompt customers response to offer. Find out what drives footfall and increases sales.

  • Identify Trends Easily

    Quickly discover the latest trends to make the most of it instantly, compare and measure performance to understand buying behavior

  • Receive Actionable Insights

    Reinvent your marketing/business strategies based on data revealing optimal staffing, business hours, product display, space layout and more

  • Empower your mobile app

    Use mobile SDK to equip your existing application with signature Ray features. Offer seamless onboarding experience straight from the app