• Technology

    Evolution of WiFi – Then and Now

    With time, these standards and the bandwidths they operated in kept evolving to cater to the increasing demands of users. Starting from 1999, when it was initially made available to consumers across the world, let’s have a look at how WiFi frequencies and WiFi have evolved over the decades.

  • Wifi networks 2020

    Let These Be Your New Year Resolutions for Your WiFi Network This 2020

    It’s not just the dawn of a new year but a new decade. While people are busy planning out things they intend to work on and achieve in the coming years and months, we have a totally different agenda as business owners.

  • Raylife WiFi Access Point in Your Office

    Top 5 Reasons Why Ray Wi-Fi Wins Against the Competition

    The importance of internet connectivity makes it critical for businesses to invest in wireless access points in its office premises. With several players in the market, it becomes hard for a business owner to choose the best wireless access point. Before you make a decision, read through this blog and see why Ray Life WiFi access points are better than others.

  • Wireless network access points for your business

    7 Handy Tips for Setting up Wireless Network Access Points for Your Business

    Wireless connectivity is one of the most fundamental requirements for any growing business. Many businesses understand the importance of installing wireless access points but only a few can effectively install multiple access points within their office premises.

  • Secure WiFi Networks - Raylife

    How Secure WiFi Networks Drive Business Growth Prospects for SMEs

    Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of any developing economy, like India. In an endeavor to deal with strategic competition from large players and foreign enterprises, SMEs have also started to digitize their operations and make use of modern technologies.