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Spotting Fake SD-WAN: Insights from a CTO’s Perspective

In this digital transformation era, SD-WAN has become a pivotal topic for a diverse range of sectors, including government, fintech, and hospitality, all eager to shift from traditional VPN and MPLS systems. At Ray, we often address queries from CISOs, CIOs, and IT heads about the wide price range of SD-WAN solutions, which highlights a market need for clear, authoritative guidance. To address this, we’ve developed a series of comprehensive articles that stand as a definitive guide, applicable to all SD-WAN providers and OEMs. These articles aim to demystify the essential features of authentic SD-WAN technology, justify its pricing, and elucidate why some lower-priced alternatives may not measure up. Designed as a universal verification checklist, our series enlightens IT professionals on the intricacies of true SD-WAN technology, aiding informed decision-making across the SD-WAN spectrum. We encourage all seeking deeper insights or discussions to reach out, as we embark on this informative journey through the SD-WAN landscape, offering a resource that remains valid for all SD-WAN providers and OEMs.

In the complex world of network technology, distinguishing between genuine and fake Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) solutions is a critical skill. This article focuses on identifying the absence of crucial features in SD-WAN systems, which often signals a counterfeit product. Understanding these key indicators can help in spotting fake SD-WAN solutions.

Lack of Advanced WAN Optimization

A genuine SD-WAN solution is equipped with sophisticated WAN Optimization capabilities. If a system lacks advanced data transfer efficiency techniques across wide area networks, it is a red flag. Authentic SD-WAN systems use complex algorithms for optimal bandwidth utilization and latency minimization. The absence of such features is often indicative of a fake SD-WAN.

Absence of Packet Cloning and Its Implications

Packet Cloning is a hallmark of real SD-WAN systems, involving the duplication of data packets sent over multiple paths. This redundancy is crucial for achieving zero packet loss, especially in latency-sensitive applications like video conferencing, data transfer, Live broadcasting etc. If an SD-WAN solution does not offer Packet Cloning, or if there’s evidence of frequent packet loss, it is likely not a genuine product.
Missing Per-Packet and Per-Session Load Balancing: Genuine SD-WAN solutions provide per-packet load balancing for efficient path utilization and per-session balancing to maintain session integrity. A system lacking these features is probably a counterfeit.

Inability to Adapt to Different ISP Links

Authentic SD-WAN solutions seamlessly adapt to various ISP links. If a system shows significant performance issues with different ISPs, it’s a sign of a fake SD-WAN.

Lack of Advanced Security and Network Management Features

Finally, fake SD-WAN solutions often lack advanced features like deep packet inspection, automated path selection, and robust security protocols. The absence of these features, which are crucial for modern network management and security, is a clear indicator of a counterfeit SD-WAN system.

Insufficient Scalability and Flexibility

Genuine SD-WAN solutions are designed for scalability and flexibility, accommodating the growing and changing needs of a business. If an SD-WAN system is rigid and does not scale well with increased demand or changing network conditions, it raises questions about its authenticity.

Poor Quality of Service (QoS) Management

Effective QoS management is essential in a genuine SD-WAN solution, ensuring prioritization of critical applications and traffic. A system that fails to provide sophisticated QoS management capabilities is likely not a genuine SD-WAN product.

In conclusion, spotting a fake SD-WAN involves looking for the absence of key features such as advanced WAN Optimization, Packet Cloning, multi-path utilization, adaptability to different ISP links, advanced security features, scalability, flexibility, and effective QoS management. These elements are crucial for the efficiency, reliability, and security of a genuine SD-WAN solution, and their absence is a clear indication of a counterfeit product.

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