RayOS gives you more of everything. RayOS is a complete, easily customizable and simple to use operating system. RayOS is built on a secure framework to protect its users from unknown threats. RayOS is a modern operating system with an inbuilt App store for the users to discover famous brand apps and extend the wifi functionality. RayOS is built keeping in mind the future of IoT and cloud computing technologies.

RayOS is designed and developed to support the edge computing approach to elevate the overall performance of IoT devices, by providing a delightful and intuitive user experience to everyone. RayOS is the next generation of Wifi OS which let the users have the experience of future technologies today.

Easy Customizable, Fully Complete and Simple to Use

RayOS provides a set of multiple APIs for its users to customize the access points the way that works best for them. RayOS is a complete operating system with a collection of services and from brands that every user would need to have for their shops, entreprises and organisation. RayOS is designed to be easy and simple to use, so that users don’t have to learn everything.

High-Performance at all levels

RayOS elevates your wifi access points to a whole new level of performance and provides a delightful and intuitive user experience for its users, anywhere and anytime. No matter how big and complex your network is, RayOS is designed to provide a high-performance better than ever.

Built on Secure and Reliable framework

RayOS is a completely secure and reliable OS which is built upon a secure framework. With built-in firewalls and virus protection services, RayOS detects and protects your access points from the unknown threats. All the apps are tested on the Ray before releasing them to the users, which makes the overall system secure. Latest firmware upgrades, new patches always keeps the RayOS updated.

Built for the future of IoT and edge computing

The future of IoT and edge computing is just around the corners, and the wireless internet is the foundation of IoT devices. RayOS is built with the power to connect multiple devices to the wireless internet and helps users control, monitor and manage every single IoT device independently. RayOS is designed to support the edge computing architecture to make your IoT devices take decisions with the speed of light.

Cloud Driven Solution

RayOS is completely enabled by the cloud-driven features which helps its users to simplify the advanced operation while ensuring the advanced functionality. RayOS provides you to choose from a private, public and hybrid offering to optimise your wireless experience.

Future Ready

With a cutting edge technology, RayOS is built with a software-driven approach which puts its users always ahead in the game. Regular updates makes RayOS best in class with new features, apps thereby improving the overall performance. With the growing future ahead, RayOS is designed to detect and optimize for speed so that users can experience the next generation technology today.

Exentsibility through our Ray app store

With an inbuilt App store, RayOS provides its users with the apps from some of the famous brands. RayOS App Store is the best place for the users to discover new apps that let them extend their Wifi functionality more than just the coverage. With the new apps coming in the App store, the App store is growing to bring and ensure a greater value to the users.

Control who can access the network, when and how

Ray’s mobile application is a cutting-edge control that enables users to configure, monitor and control access points. Set your devices up and running on the go. Configure multiple access points simultaneously and access the most efficient tools to manage, monitor and troubleshoot your network with Ray.