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A study by the Ponemon Institute in 2017 concluded that more than 25 percent of data breaches globally were caused by negligent employees or contractors, while another 28 percent were due to system glitches, including both IT and business process failures. This means 53 percent of all global data breaches last year came from within organizations.

A few ways to combat these threats include –
Access Management, Employee Education and Internal Audits.

What’s their Need?

Enterprise IT networks are never static. Networks are dynamic entities; they continuously evolve, expand, change and morph.

Internal users bring their own devices to the network infrastructure or install software in their devices connected to the network. These activities can have drastic repercussions on the network and its security.

It is even more important if your business is in a regulated industry, such as BFSI (Banking & Finance), Insurance or Health Care where you may also have external auditors as part of your compliance.

For the modern enterprise of the day it is important that the CISO organization of IT administrators and Network administrators should be aware of the state of the network, hardware or software.

The recommended means to do this are audits.

The audits usually require the CISO organization to evaluate the hardware, software, data, and the users.

Difficulties to Achieve the Need

Network audits are carried out by IT professionals who are well-versed with different information systems of a firm and how they can be used to prevent the abuse of organizational resources.

IT systems play a direct role in the value of an organization’s business; therefore, improving them is a must. It involves evaluating the hardware, software, data, and the users.

The audits require the enterprise to have experts in IT, Network and Security domain who are well-versed with different information systems of a firm, the access layout, the compliance requirements and overall security implementation.

In addition, the dynamic and ever-changing structure of the network creates a situation wherein the audits can never be entirely conclusive. Hence, running the audits frequently is essential. The frequency of auditing depends on the nature of the business, the industry standards and government policies.

This is a daunting task if done manually even if the required expertise is available.

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The Solution

It may uncover issues that you weren’t aware of before. But it’s always better to know because becoming aware of them can help you fix them before they can cause a major problem.
To solve this, an administrator needs to perform regular network auditing and monitor any changes to the preset baseline.
Ray is focused on enabling the enterprises to achieve a high-performance network. Vigil by Ray analyses the network at macro and micro levels to understand the network trends.

From a modern enterprise to an industrial setup, most devices and IoT devices connect to the network, especially Wi-Fi to get the internet.

Only authorized devices should be able to connect to the enterprise network and any unauthorized devices on your network, may be cause for security concern.

Ray continuously audits your network to keep an updated inventory of all your hardware. With device categorization, it can classify the devices into segments like Device Type, OS etc.

Networks often don’t follow a security policy or have a weak one , if they follow a policy. Developers often open ports for testing. Vigil, through a proactive and continuous network audit keeps monitoring the traffic for insecure protocols and unencrypted traffic. Vigil also checks the IP traffic to highlight blacklisted IP, peer to peer traffic, TOR traffic, etc. Invisible Crypto mining bots are detected and blocked.

Enterprises usually segment the networks based on organization structure.

Vigil can determine the location of your company’s sensitive information and how that information is being accessed. Based on the access audit, IT admins can design a security policy for critical resources like servers, printers or IoT devices to ensure limited access.

Data Privacy and Security are the core of the data driven economy of today. Users and corporates entrust the enterprise with their data expecting highest levels of privacy and security of the data. It is even more important if your business is in a regulated industry, such as BFSI (Banking & Finance), Insurance or Health Care where external audit is also a part of compliance.

With the modern cloud and AI, Ray is uniquely positioned to monitor the network traffic against the network policies of standards such as FFIEC, GDPR etc.

It also provides audit-ready reports and alerts in case of non-compliance.

The main aim of the CISO is to check for vulnerabilities and loopholes in the system to enable an increase in productivity, efficiency, and efficacy of the enterprise.

The CISO report by Vigil presents a report in an easy-to-understand, non-technical way. It includes network diagrams, charts, and inventory lists.

It also summarizes the network activities of the past week saving precious time of executives and focus on just the recommendations to deal with the issues that have come up.

The Benefits

  • Vigil checks the network for vulnerabilities and loopholes in the system through proactive network audit.
  • Enables ‘Enforcing Company Policies’ for access control, hardware and IT policies.
  • Assist the enterprises to achieve continuous Regulatory Compliance.
  • The CISO Report provides summary and recommendations, saving your precious time.

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