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better connectivity,
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Stay connected seamlessly wherever you are – work, home, public place, or a parking basement

Enterprise wireless mesh networks have been outdoors to provide internet connectivity via Wi-Fi in public places, beaches, parks that have no physical cabling connecting them or its too expensive or otherwise impossible to pull.

Mesh has also been a good fit for historical buildings, rented spaces or temporary locations.

A study from Deloitte found that U.S. households own an average of 11 connected devices, including 7 with screens to view content. This number is expected to explode more than 20 that includes everything from smart locks, refrigerators, light bulbs, and smart camera personalizing and securing everyday experiences in unprecedented ways.

What’s their Need?

Besides the increase in connected devices, the need of seamless connectivity has also increased.

From an enterprise office, museum to home, mobile device owners want to be connected when they walk in the door and stay connected as they travel from room to room and even in outdoor spaces.

The demand on Wi-Fi has risen with demanding applications like streaming a movie, an online video game, or the wireless speakers.

Difficulties to Achieve the Need

There are places where there is no physical cabling connecting them or its too expensive or otherwise impossible to pull.

Some places require temporary internet, e.g. events.

Organizations have mostly avoided Wi-Fi mesh deployments because they tended to be slow and unstable.

In cases of home networks, a single wireless router provides internet connectivity. It fails to truly blanket the desired coverage area to cater to demanding applications. Alternatives like repeater and multiple routers have their own limitations.

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The Solution

Ray Mesh Solution consists of a main router that connects directly to internet and all other Ray Access Points connect to the main router and each other to create a Wi-Fi Mesh and share the same SSID and password, unlike traditional Wi-Fi routers.

Mesh Wi-Fi from Ray is driven by Qualcomm Wi-Fi SON and Wi-Fi Easy Mesh.

Every Access Point of Mesh Wi-Fi system works together to enable a seamless roaming with one network with one name and password. That results in roaming without worrying about buffering or a dropped connection.

The mesh provides auto-discovery and is self-configuring ensuring that installing new Ray Access Points is seamless.

If a bandwidth bottleneck is detected or an access point goes down, the Ray Mesh finds alternate connection paths and switches access points to continue delivering optimal performance.

Ray Mesh provides an automatic performance degradation detection and dynamic band steering that serves devices across bands for optimized network capacity.

The Benefits

  • One network and seamless roaming.
  • Adaptable network that is easy to set up and maintain.
  • Self-organize to provide consistent coverage anywhere.
  • Healing capabilities to ensure zero downtime in case of link failures and bandwidth bottleneck.
  • Self-organizing and self-optimizing network modifies the network’s structure based on changing conditions to provide a consistent experience.
  • Effective load balancing ensures that devices roam to the best connection and avoid interference.
  • Interoperability with Wi-Fi Easy Mesh APs from multiple vendors.

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