Secure your Network & User Data

Enhance Marketing activities with the complete knowledge of your user’s network journey

End-to-end network visibility and business insights for Your Digital Transformation

As of January 2019, there are almost 4.4 billion active internet users, equivalent to
57% of the global population. (We Are Social; DataReportal; Hootsuite, 2019)

A major chunk of this data is generated by enterprises running their internal or
external applications or offering business services like malls, hospitals, hotels, etc.

What’s their Need?

Ray classifies the data in two major types:

  • Network data generated by the Ray devices along with other network devices
  • User data generated by end users and things

The enterprises require high performance and reliable networks. This involves finding resource hungry applications, non-compliant end users and rogue clients, among others. The IT practices of the past with manual monitoring and troubleshooting limits the speed and expanse of the modern enterprise. With the vast amounts of network data, Ray sees an opportunity to optimize the network, enhance the security, measure KPI, create automated workflows etc.

The businesses offering customer centric services like retail, hospitality, public services, etc. can benefit vastly from the intelligence offered by the Data Analytics. With the user data, Ray sees an opportunity to increase customer engagement, enable better targeting for enterprises and ISPs to increase revenue, optimize resource usage and planning, etc.

Difficulties to Achieve the Need

Of all network devices, Wi-Fi is the medium of choice of humans and things to connect to the network. This data has always been available to sift through and generate intelligence, but the sheer size of the data had been deterrent to enable any analysis so far.

The Solution

The AI driven Ray ONE – a modern, microservices driven cloud with virtually unlimited scale combined with the Data Science and event processing capabilities enable Ray to process the big data and generate right Insights from the data.

Insights – It offers the modern enterprise, the capability to catapult its digital transformation journey through the network and business intelligence generated by Insights.

It does it while overcoming the challenges processing vast amounts of big data from the network, users, and things.

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Network Insights:

  • End-to-end Network Visibility
  • Application (L7) Traffic Monitoring & Categorization to the level of each flow in the network – This enables the understanding of usage and application at each user and device level
  • Geo Segmentation of Traffic to provide a visual on how the traffic flows in the network to the destination
  • TOR, Crypto & Blacklisted IP assessment to find those rogue clients
  • Uncategorized Traffic can be categorized manually

Business Insights:

  • Understand the business Peak and Off-peak times with data like the busiest day of the month and time of the day and use this data to plan the resources
  • Understand the dwell time to plan the best customer experience
  • Identify repeat visitors to offer loyalty
  • Location contexts help better understand the Hotspots in their premise
  • Visitor Segmentation into categories to help provide targeted customer experience
  • Boost employee productivity and plan resources better with Usage Insights

The Benefits

  • Intelligent Network with Network Insights
  • Great Customer Experience with Business Insights

You know how Insights can grow your business.

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