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A beam-box survey shows that 96% of consumers prefer a business that offers free Wi-Fi. Of that 56% of social media users will log in with their profiles in exchange for a customized brand experience.

What’s their Need?

The number one priority for customer-facing organizations like Hospitality, Malls, Cafés, Restaurants, Hospitals, Resorts, etc. is to ensure a great customer experience.

The Guest Captive Portal is the primary method used by Enterprises to provide internet to the customers.
However, in most cases, the customers usually accustomed to a great Wi-Fi internet experience in their homes and offices are not satisfied with the sub-par internet provided by the Captive Portals.The need of the day is to provide an intelligent Captive Portal that does the job and quickly gets out of the way. A Captive Portal would be one that is customized for the venue and adds value by providing a tailored experience for the customer by providing rich location-based content, directions, etc., which is the most effective way.

On the other hand, Wi-Fi monetization opportunities for business aids to generate ROI via direct or indirect methods.

Businesses always look for avenues to know more about their target customer, their behaviour, likes and dislikes, habits, etc. to shape their product and service offerings.

Difficulties to Achieve the Need

Most Wi-Fi in such enterprises is free of cost and is provided to ensure satisfactory customer experience. However, business owners are always looking for ways to monetize the Wi-Fi facility directly or indirectly to aid the business.

Privacy regulations like GDPR hold the businesses to gather the information liable to a variety of compliances and procedures which open Wi-Fi or insecure Guest Captive Portal systems don’t comply with leading to the possibility of direct or indirect losses to the enterprise. Most Captive Portals are static and configuring location-based content or customer profile-driven tailored experience is not straightforward. This leads to a non-tailored and generic experience for the customer.

Guest Wi-Fi also needs to comply with local regulations as per the cybersecurity laws of the country without the added overhead on the enterprises.

Policy-driven guest Wi-Fi provides an equal experience to all the guests. An option of “Try before you Buy” or Premium Wi-Fi is another option to provide a better internet experience at a differentiated cost.

Wi-Fi systems gather a lot of data but providing rich and actionable insights leading to data-driven decisions requires extensive data processing.

Most captive portals collect data to aid the data-driven decisions taken by the business. This, however, should be consent-based and always respect the customer’s privacy whilst providing compliance with privacy regulations to the enterprise. In case the customer location is captured, the enterprise needs to ensure data safety and it always needs to be with customer opt-ins.

Surveys are another great method to gather instant customer feedback with identification or are anonymous. A flexible solution should provide a method to customize the survey as per changing needs and the ability to visualize and act upon the customer feedback.

Wi-Fi captive portal-based advertisements show static images, animated images, or videos to capture customer attention to highlight a product or service. This allows the business or venue to earn additional revenue via advertisement. This requires a robust advertisement engine to serve advertisements and do revenue management.

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The Solution

Ray provides Guest Access via the most enriching Captive Portal options.

Ray provides the below types of Captive Portal authentication options:

  • Click to Login
  • Voucher
  • Email OTP
  • Survey
  • Advertise with the Built-in Advertisement Server
  • Social Media
  • Username & Password

Ray also has an option to redirect to an External Captive Portal page.

Ray has a built-in AAA Radius server and very extensive plan management which provides control on:

  • Speed
    With how much speed can the guest, browse the internet?
  • Quota
    How much quota can the guest use in terms of time/volume?
  • Content
    What content categories/applications are served on the guest internet?
  • Time
    When is the guest internet available?

Ray has a built-in Map tool which helps create a Heatmap over the floor plan of the site. It can further:

  • Map the foot traffic with various locations in the venue and correlate it with promotions, occasions, etc. to discover trends.
  • Analyse foot traffic distribution across days (e.g. weekdays/weekends) or time (peak and off-peak).
  • Help know the target audience better based on factors like gender, age range, language preferences.
  • Calculate advance factors like loyalty, interests, etc.

While data is a great asset, it should never be at the cost of customer privacy. Ray can help businesses offer guest Wi-Fi services in compliance with privacy regulations. It does so by:

  • Creating unique Terms & Conditions page to get customer consent.
  • Post the consent of the collected data and securely store in an encrypted format.

Ray has a flexible and dynamic survey creation module that allows the business to get feedback, register users for a promo or a subscription, or simply get to know their customers better in exchange for the internet.

  • Define survey repeat limits to ensure the same survey never repeats for the customer.
  • Attach multiple surveys to a venue, ensuring targeted reach.

The Ray, Wi-Fi Marketing Tool allows businesses to connect with the customer while they are visiting or even later using the Wi-Fi marketing tools.

  • Welcome your guests with personalized messages when they enter the premises via email or text message.
  • Send coupons and promotional advertisements to enhance customer experience.
  • Reach out to your customer even when they are not in the venue.

Ray Wi-Fi has a built-in advertisement server that can enable enterprises to configure static advertisements, dynamic advertisements, and video advertisements to promote a brand. Ray helps the enterprise by:

  • Configuring tailored ads to ensure a better click-through rate.
  • Measuring, analysing, and optimising the impact of each communication.

Cybersecurity laws differ from country to country. Many countries require enterprises offering Wi-Fi access to do a customer KYC before giving internet access to the customer. The KYC details along with the internet logs need to be stored for a period defined by the respective government.

  • Ray ensured government compliances are met by maintaining IP log records.
  • The IP log records can be stored for a period ranging from 3 months to years.

Ray provides open APIs to integrate the data and intelligence generated by the system to an external system to create a uniform customer experience. Customer registrations can be taken over Wi-Fi and passed to CRM or Loyalty management systems ensuring a seamless experience.

  • Open and rich set of APIs and web-hooks to feed third-party systems.
  • Easy to use and standard RESTful API make integration a breeze.

The Benefits

  • Empower your guest Wi-Fi experience
  • Easily manage your guest Wi-Fi, while reducing IT burden and TCO
  • Customize every aspect of your guest Wi-Fi services
  • Wi-Fi Monetization boosts revenues
  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Deliver location-based content
  • Ensure government compliance
  • Quick & easy management
  • Gain location-based customer insights

Offer more than one option for your guests to join your Wi-Fi network.
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