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Enterprise Networks have become essential to the operation of companies, laboratories, universities, and government agencies. As they continue to grow both in size and complexity, their security has become a critical concern. Vulnerabilities are regularly discovered in software applications which are exploited to stage cyber-attacks.

What’s their Need?

The network of the modern enterprise is a combination of local and cloud infrastructure. The users are distributed in the ones who use it from office network and the ones who are accessing the same remotely. A policy structure is the best practice implemented in offices based on experiences and industry standards to ensure the security and uptime of the system.

A good enterprise policy secures the network, allocates the speed according to the task/requirement and logs this for audit purposes.

Difficulties to Achieve the Need

Enterprise Networks of today have become more challenging and the requirement of constant uptime gives the IT Admin few chances to enforce and upgrade the network.

The need of the day is a flexibility to enforce Enterprise Policies that lend security to the network like keeping the resource usage optimum.

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The Solution

Groups in Ray are a flexible way to create a logical segregation of user devices. The groups can be created based on wide definitions like Employees and Guests or more common implementations like the Finance Team, Sales Team, HR Team, Admin Team etc.

For each of these groups, Ray allows you to create policies that help to enforce the compliance required as per business rules or industry standards.

The Content Policy in Ray enables the IT Admin to apply the policies on the Internet content. The content policy further provides the below.

Web Filtering
The web is divided into categories of domains like News, Social Media, Porn, Crime Sites, Peer to Peer, etc. The IT admin can choose the domains to restrict for the given group of users.

Blacklist Domain
Blacklist Domains are for the group, regardless of Web filtering status.

Whitelist Domain
Certain Whitelist domains shall always be allowed for the group.

Application Filtering
Ray has a predefined list of application signatures which can be blocked using the L7 content engine of Ray. This includes popular web and mobile applications like Netflix, WhatsApp etc.

The Time Policy enables the IT admin to control the time at which the user can access the Internet. E.g. A user can be restricted to access the internet on the weekdays.

The Speed Policy enables the IT admin to fairly allocate the precious bandwidth resource. The Speed Policy can be applied as absolute speed or as priority of the device traffic on the network.

The Speed Policy can also be applied as per the Policy.

The Quota Policy provides IT with the control to limit the usage of the Internet in terms of Volume Quota or Time Quota. The quota can be defined as a one-time or recurring usage to the internet. The quota policy can enable the IT Admin to create complicated plans, which can be applied to both PSK (Password) based on Wi-Fi or Captive Portals or even Enterprise Authentication.

The Quota Policy also supports the FUP functionality, where the speed can be decreased post the quota completion.

The Device Policy enables the IT admin to limit the access of the network or SSID to a certain type of device. For e.g. The Company Enterprise SSID is limited only to Windows devices and Android and IOS devices are restricted to access the same.

  • Configuring tailored ads to ensure a better click-through rate.
  • Measuring, analysing, and optimising the impact of each communication.

The Ray Wi-Fi access point is the first network node from where the traffic goes to the network and eventually to the Internet. The Firewall on the Wi-Fi can be used to restrict certain IP Addresses, Ports, or a combination.

Ray provides the IT Admins the capability to enforce the BYOD Policy. The user’s device when used first time or on recurring basis can go through an approval process before Internet or Intranet access is provided.

Personal devices or non-approved devices plugged into the Wi-Fi can be stopped from entering the Intranet or Internet or both.

The Benefits

  • Granularize Policies per Individual, Group or SSID
  • Enforce Time, Speed, Quota & Content Policies
  • Enforce BYOD policies
  • Enforce Firewall rules at the Wi-Fi level
  • Categorize traffic into High, Medium & Low
  • Layer 7 application Control and Shaping

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