Seeking innovation is not the solution but being innovative and delivering innovation is. Presenting Ray wireless access points that work on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, creating intelligent networks managed by the modern cloud technology.

Ray Features – Optimizing Cost and End-to-end Security

  • EYE

    Your in-house IT 24*7

    Gain a stellar Wi-Fi user experience, with minimizing IT support costs

  • Insights

    Secure your Network & User Data

    Enhance Marketing activities with the complete knowledge of your user’s network journey

  • SoT – Security of Things

    Secure your connected devices

    Let us identify, monitor, visualize and protect your enterprise network for you.

  • Ray App Store

    Increasing Lifetime Value

    An ecosystem favouring your customers and your needs reaching out to everyone.

  • Vigil

    Your cyber-threats are Ray’s worry

    Controlling cyber-threats with everything necessary – Proactive Network Audit, Regulatory Compliances, etc.

  • Mesh

    More devices, better connectivity, smoother usage

    Stay connected seamlessly wherever you are – work, home, public place, or a parking basement

  • Enterprise Policies & Traffic Shaping

    Learn about your internet usage and assign quota, time & speed to all

    Our understanding of what you want helps you in understanding what each employee in an enterprise or members in a family want.

  • Guest Wi-Fi / Captive Portal

    Secure your guests’ devices by securing your Network itself

    We treat your customers as ours and our Captive Portals are enterprise-friendly just for them!

  • Intelligent RRM

    An efficient radio network infrastructure

    Catering to today’s practices, networks, and demands for digital embracing offices of the modern day

  • Secure SD-WAN

    Improved Network & Cost-Effective Connectivity

  • SASE

    Cloud-Native Security with Simplified Network Architecture