Let These Be Your New Year Resolutions for Your WiFi Network This 2020

Wifi networks 2020

It’s not just the dawn of a new year but a new decade. While people are busy planning out things they intend to work on and achieve in the coming years and months, we have a totally different agenda as business owners.

Now we’re sure that you’re making all those projects and focusing extensively on the numbers game. You want to pave the way for enhanced productivity in your teams and expect better intra-team collaborations. You would also be working towards more funding and ensuring everyone’s working towards it day in day out.

Amidst all these plans, we want to urge you to have a few resolutions for your WiFi network, too. As a business owner, you cannot underestimate the importance of wireless networks for your workspace. If you’re someone still using the conventional WiFi services, it’s time to switch to something more advanced and rigid in 2020.

From our side, here’s us pointing out some of the New Year resolutions you need to have for your WiFi network this 2020.


With a cloud-based WiFi solution, you can manage the entire network of your organization from the cloud. This means no more wireless controllers or investing in additional infrastructure to guarantee uninterrupted internet connectivity. With the help of cloud managed access points, you can run business-specific applications on the cloud and seamlessly scale up as and when there is a need to.

A cloud-based WiFi network also offers you freedom in terms of choosing your payment model. You can either go for a subscription-based plan or prefer an on-premises deployment model. Because it’s based on the cloud, troubleshooting any error or concern that could possibly arise is also simple. However, the best advantage of cloud-based WiFi networks is that they allow you to cut down significantly on operational costs.

Simplified Yet Secured Network

For those of you who didn’t know, there is a hacker-attack happening every 39 seconds. There’s more. 43% of the attacks that happen are targeted towards small businesses.

Business is all about confidentiality and involves tons of valuable transactions of files and data. With the numbers on phishing and malware attacks pointing to something crucial, you never know what threat could knock your door at what time. That’s why a secure network should always be your first priority as far as enterprise internet is concerned.

While the market players can seamlessly afford connectivity with advanced security features, it’s the small and medium businesses that get caught up in a vicious cycle. While our ambitions are big, we have to compromise on a lot of things like network security to realize our dreams. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Today’s WiFi networks are simple in terms of usability and pricing and yet offer a secure network. They have advanced security features that do not require the presence of a dedicated IT professional to handle threats (because clearly, over 95% of security breaches have been because of human errors). These networks are designed to detect possible vulnerabilities and threats in real-time, raise red flags instantly, monitor IT operations and security frameworks, discover and learn from increasing threats and refine the security with solutions and do more.

Beyond the Conventional WiFi

Would it be surprising if we told you that modern-day WiFi services have shattered the conventional ways of functioning? Today, they allow you to do more by offering an ecosystem of services like apps. These networks offer extensibility by giving you access to a built-in app store that features handpicked apps to meet your diverse purposes. These apps deal with a number of inevitable concepts like security, email security, network monitoring, data analytics, location analytics, VPN and more. So, it’s not just about connecting to the internet anymore. With these features, it’s about connecting more safely and getting more things done online.

Seamless User and IT Team Experience

While discussing the problems faced by small and medium-scale companies, it’s important to highlight one another aspect. Often, these companies work on a shoestring budget and cannot afford either a comprehensive WiFi network or a dedicated IT team to handle requests and concerns. Usually, it’s mostly the most senior tech guy who takes care of concerns that pop up as well.

In 2020, this has to change as there are WiFi networks that offer a seamless user and IT team experience. With contemporary WiFi networks, your business no longer needs a dedicated IT person as these networks are built to take care of wireless connectivity concerns. Based on data analytics and other disruptive technologies, these networks can detect patterns and find the root causes of concerns that hamper productivity and instantly fix them. These also allow you to automate security and software updates, set up access points that are in line with your operational policies, monitor and manage issues from an intuitive dashboard, scale up and do more all without a dedicated resource in house.

AI-Enabled For Smart Decisions

Like we mentioned, wireless networks of today are powered by the latest technologies. Enterprise internet service providers are consistently working on leveraging the best of technology to offer convenience and functionalities to their end-users. That’s why WiFi networks of today come with AI-enabled features.

The artificial intelligence framework in place continuously learns your organization’s network usage and adapts accordingly. This means it optimizes bandwidth where it is most required and trims in places that do not rely too much on internet connectivity. Besides, you also don’t have to undergo a tedious installation procedure. These networks set up and get to work in minutes without any complex calibrations required. Because they are powered by AI, they are also designed to take care of basic issues by themselves, safeguard your network and give you preventive solutions in advance.

Your new year already looks promising with all these features, doesn’t it? If you notice, whatever we’ve mentioned so far have been your biggest challenges in these years. As a business owner, you were either forced to use home WiFi for your business or compromise on a lot of crucial business aspects so far.

Now that you know that these features exist, it’s time to do more with the power you’ve just realized. With the basics now taken care of, you can seamlessly focus on business aspects that matter like increased sales, marketing, streamlining process and more, and completely eliminating network concerns out of your way.

If you finally feel a better enterprise WiFi network is your way forward, we recommend you get in touch with us at We offer all these features and more, which you discover when you talk to us. With personalized solutions, we would ensure your business has only one vision to work on- growth. So, get these as a priority on your business’ New Year resolutions and talk to us.

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