How to boost corporate WiFi performance with Ray Wireless Access Points

Modern offices require round-the-clock internet connectivity for seamless operations. From emails to cloud solutions, remote work processes to routine meetings, everything depends on the internet inside an office. Almost every office depends on the WiFi network within the building but many times, the WiFi connection fails to offer desired connectivity. A wireless access point for business is the backbone of office productivity in the modern times.

What is a Wireless Access Point?

A wireless access point is a dedicated hardware device meant to create a specialized wireless local network within an office building for seamless connectivity. Wireless access points enhance the range and spectrum of WiFi bandwidth allowing multiple devices to stay connected round the clock. By improving the coverage, offering uninterrupted bandwidth and enhancing security, wireless access points serve as a productivity booster in modern corporate environments.

Ray Life Wireless Access Points promise enhanced coverage on a large number of devices using Wave 2 WiFi by leveraging dynamic directional antenna patterns.

WAPs make it easier to extend the range of WiFi signals and strengthen the reliability without the need of an additional router. An installed access point serves as a connectivity node that can be used by devices to get connected to the internet.

High-grade Connectivity Beyond Conventional Home Routers

Ray Life Wireless Access Points for business are a step ahead of the generic routers meant for personal uses. Home routers are not equipped for the dynamic requirements of a growing business as they cannot handle the load of a growing number of devices within an office network.

Though one can install a personal router inside his/her office, mostly these devices are not capable of support a large number of devices. For enterprise operations where several clients and visitors also look forward to connectivity, conventional routers are not very efficient.

As they cannot deal with the increased connectivity load, they tend to do more harm than good by slowing down existing connections.

On the other hand, a wireless access point can handle a large number of simultaneous connections without impacting internet speed and connectivity. This means your employees and visitors can experience seamless connectivity without any interruption in the entire building.

A network based on wireless access points allow devices to shift from one access point to the another without a network drop. Generally, people don’t even realize they have switched between networks when wireless access points are installed within an office area.

Advantages of Installing Wireless Access Points within the Office Premises

With the installation of wireless access points in your office, you become capable of supporting a large number of connected devices, without any disruption. Generally, every access point can handle up to 80-100 simultaneous users and up to 512 clients. Deep network connectivity promises an increase in productivity in your office. Here are some of the benefits of installing wireless access points for business:

  • Easy configuration and installation: Wireless access points can be placed anywhere with a PoE (Power over Ethernet) switch. This means easy installation without any infrastructural modification.
  • Guest Network & User Management: Wireless access points come with superior security protocols that can help network admin to offer guest access without compromising network security. Also, Ray Life wireless access points can be used to monitor and manage users within the network area.
  • Cluster Configuration: All theaccess points can be easily configured and managed by IT administrators by clustering all the access points and deploying them as a single entity. This means you can configure and manage your network easily without any expert assistance.

Ray Life WiFi Vega: An End-to-end Corporate Wireless Access Point Solution

Ray Life offers cutting edge wireless access point solutions that allows seamless connectivity on multiple devices. Using Ray Life WiFi Vega, your employees can browse the internet and access important files on the cloud without facing connectivity issues.

Vega wireless cheap access point is designed to enhance WiFi coverage while at the same time improve the security and reliability of your corporate network. Here are a few benefits of installing ray Life wireless access point for business:

  • On-demand Scalability

Wireless access points by Ray Life are designed to promote network scalability according to the requirement. The access points can be added to the network at the touch of a button or via a simple scale through an app, giving your network unlimited scalability potential.

  • Improved Performance and Capacity

Vega promotes superfast WiFi connectivity owing to availability of separate frequency bands. This means that irrespective of the additional devices on the network, no one suffers from slow internet speed.

  • Deep Coverage Analysis

Keep an eye on the coverage requirements and identify additional access point requirement with an in-built coverage analytics platform.

  • Priority Usage

Ray Life Vega is equipped with smart features to prioritize critical web traffic, cloud applications and resources.

  • Great Throughput

Get the most out of your internet connection owing to automatic throughput detection. Ray Vega detects channels with low congestion to improve performance and speed.

  • Seamless Switching

Automatic connectivity to devices promises that your employees/guests don’t have to worry about switching networks as they move around the office. Ray Vega ensures seamless connectivity without requiring to manually switch between access points.

  • Eliminate Connectivity Dead Zones

Don’t let your employee productivity suffer because of unreliable and unsecure connectivity spots within your office building. Eliminate connectivity dead zones by using Ray Vega to create a secure network that covers your entire office.

  • Blazing fast speeds

Ray Vega promises highest internet speeds owing to support for multiple devices simultaneously. This means your employee will never complain of slow and unreliable internet connection.

Concluding Remarks

Internet is the backbone of any modern business enterprise. Without efficient connectivity solutions, businesses cannot prosper in the digital age. Ray life is committed to offering seamless connectivity using advanced technology solutions. Our solutions are designed to boost reliability, security and performance of corporate networks without putting pressure on the existing IT infrastructure.

Get in touch with our experts to discover how Ray Life can boost your corporate WiFi, today.

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