How Secure WiFi Networks Drive Business Growth Prospects for SMEs

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Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of any developing economy, like India. In an endeavor to deal with strategic competition from large players and foreign enterprises, SMEs have also started to digitize their operations and make use of modern technologies. Internet connectivity has been one of the biggest entrepreneurial facilitators in the last decade.

With the propagation of Digital India mission and penetration of smartphones in the country, it is natural for SMEs to target, serve and delight their customers using the internet. However, not all SMEs are serious about WiFi security, yet.

Many times, they end up facing several security issues like data breaches due to lousy network infrastructure and security protocols.

According to a recent report by Gemalto, 4.5 billion data records were compromised during the first 6 months of 2018.

This situation depicts how lousy companies are at maintaining the integrity and safety of user data. One of the biggest data breaches in the history is associated with Exactis, a marketing and data aggregation firm based in Florida. The data breach resulted in compromising of 340 million individual records which theoretically means data of all the adults in the United States of America. Such instances highlight the need for a carefully planned wireless network architecture within an office premises.

In an age where data is the biggest asset, this cybersecurity situation has the potential to impact their goodwill, negatively. In this blog, we will explore how WiFi protection can grow your SME and how you can make a move in the right direction.

Cybersecurity: A Massive Global Concern

Global organizations are really serious about their cybersecurity initiatives. But are SMEs up to the game? Well, not really. The biggest hurdle to achieving secured connectivity is the lack of capable teams and hardware for creating a secure IT network for their business.

Most often SMEs end up using home WiFi systems that are not equipped with protocols essential to safeguard critical business information. WiFi security is an important part of an organizational growth path.

Data breaches are a common occurrence over unsecured networks and can potentially disrupt the entire business operations for days altogether. According to a report by Datasharp, 3 out of 5 businesses have suffered a security breach incident which causes a financial loss of GBP 3.5-7k, on an average.

Neutralizing Security Threats with Ray Intelligent Access Controller for SME

Courtesy : Datasharp

While big organizations have dedicated teams to handle cybersecurity issues, it is often the small scale firms and businesses that suffer the most from such an issue. With a small investment towards installing a secure wireless protection solution like an enterprise-grade wireless AP router, SMEs can deal with the cybersecurity challenges.

WiFi Security: Critical for Dodging Potential Cyber Attacks

Wireless networks are always at the target of amateur as well as potential hackers. Even the SME industry is not immune to cybersecurity threats. Hackers perceive small firms to be easy targets for mining personal information of a large number of its customers or other stakeholders. Most often, small companies do not invest in cybersecurity measures or have a dedicated WiFi protection system.

As a majority of small businesses use home network routers, they are easier to hack and enter. Wireless networks are easy to hack. On top of it, with a home network router, a business becomes a soft target.

Wireless networks are used by a number of devices and use airwaves for communication. This makes security planning harder for many organizations. As small enterprises cannot invest dedicatedly in setting up a team for IT security, they are more vulnerable.

Most often hackers make use of rogue access points or enter via the devices used by unsuspecting employees for accessing critical business data or data of the customers. Any kind of data is valuable for any hacker.

Without a secure wireless access point, small companies cannot think of protecting themselves from cyberattacks. Using a strategic approach towards setting up corporate WiFi network in your business, you can protect your valuable data and ensure you don’t suffer any business losses due to any network vulnerabilities.

Secure WiFi Network: The Growth Facilitator

In a connected environment, you cannot give your customers a lame excuse about your scale of operations to deliver a sub-standard experience. In an open market, customers expect the most delightful experience from any business, be it a small firm or a large conglomerate.

When you invest towards building a secure WiFi, you can use the network to offer innovative services or host cloud/digital solutions for your customers to access 24×7. Think of real-time accessibility owing to cloud IT infrastructure that’s connected via a secured WiFi framework. The growth possibilities of a connected business are limitless.

A secure network is the first step towards becoming a digital enterprise that can compete with global players. With secure networks available for you to harness, you can drive innovation in your business teams.

You can even create smart automated customer service solutions running on a secured connected network. These examples are just the tip of a magnanimous iceberg. If you want to stay relevant in the digital world, the first step would be to move beyond the conventional and think of reinforcing secure networks within your organization.

How can SMEs improve security measures with secure WiFi networks?

Secured wireless networks ensures that your business don’t suffer because of unauthorized access by hackers. This means your entire operations are secure from hijacking.

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In an era of ransomware and malware, security is a critical component for growth of a modern organization. To enforce high levels of security, a Secure WiFi setup should comprise of the following features and functionalities:

  • Real-time detection
    A secure WiFi network should be capable of monitoring and dealing with external threats in real-time.
  • Instant Alerts Any potential hacking or penetration attempt should be immediately notified via real-time alerts. For a business in a critical industry like finance, the solution should be capable of notifying customers about preventive steps, immediately.
  • Completely Secure IT Infrastructure
    A secure wireless access point is equipped with several security features that eliminates the need to invest in a dedicated cybersecurity team. A secure WiFi network can handle critical threats and vulnerabilities on its own.

Ray Life brings smart WiFi security solutions and secured wireless access points at best price for small and medium businesses.  If you are still working on a standard router, it’s time to switch to better and secured connectivity with Ray wireless access point routers, now.

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