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Have you secured your places of work & houses with Wi-Fi 6 yet?

by Nisrin Saqib
Wi-Fi6 is everywhere

The one thing that all of us are dependent on, in this 21st century is ‘Technology’. With 2020 passing by and life still continuing to be at home in 2021, the dependency on technology is increasing day by day. Apparently, that is the only thing that is keeping us connected and managing work too. With Wi-Fi, all of us are doing our best and we try to stay present professionally & personally from any corner of the world. Although a few of us have become too comfortable at our homes and a few just wish to get out and go to work, we all rely on the internet in one way or the other.

Wi-Fi 6 is the latest Wi-Fi standard of the 21st century.

With Covid – the pandemic taking over our lives, we know how much more technology can improve and what all can be done in that area to have a much better & a smoother lifestyle from the comforts of the four walls that we have to stay in. With the constant & increasing needs for better Wi-Fi connectivity, Wi-Fi 6 has been introduced, which leaves behind the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz speeds, giving a taste of 6 GHz to the tech-loving audience. This latest Wi-Fi standard is for congested places like homes, in these times of Covid when nations are in a pandemic.

Enable your home with Wi-Fi 6.

Numerous devices are connected to one wireless network and everyone is streaming different things on their devices. We have heard of students studying online, working parents conducting online meetings, kids watching their shows and playing online games and so many other activities that have all been dependent on the internet. With the Wi-Fi 6 innovations, neither will any of the activities face a glitch nor will anyone have to stop their activity as someone else’s activity holds more priority. This is Wi-Fi 6’s specialty. Numerous devices can be connected to the network and none of them will face any issue as Wi-Fi 6 is made especially for congested places.

No more fights on whose work is important and whose is not.

Sadly, people are still unaware about its existence. Security and the network connection are one of the primary concerns for any corporate or household. With everyone relying on the internet, spending endless amounts of time on Social Media platforms, security has been an underlying concern and many implement various measures to be safe too. The glitches while securing ourselves on the Social Media platform and otherwise keep us all worried.

The latest Wi-Fi 6 solves all of this and provides you with seamless connectivity. Ray’s Wi-Fi 6 products like R6A – O (Outdoor Access Points), R6A – C (Indoor Access Points) and R6A – M (Desk/Mesh Access Points) are known for its flawless connectivity as well as its embedded security, where all data is secured from the start like the Access Points itself. All data from the internet and to is filtered and only after that does it reach the device as the very first step takes care of its filtration.

Wi-Fi 6 brings to us not only the stability in connectivity and trust with security, but it also manages network capacity & throughput, coverage along with increasing battery life of the connected devices. The speed at which the Wi-Fi 6 network runs isn’t only on one connected device, but all its connected devices and the speed doesn’t slow down based on the number of devices connected and how more devices keep on connecting. This keeps everyone’s work as a priority – be it online study sessions or work calls or Netflix, all the devices’ speed remains the same. Wi-Fi 6 makes no discrimination, come what may.

The way technology has been climbing the ladder from Wi-Fi 5 to Wi-Fi 6 and 6E is in benefit for one and all. Catering to each person’s minutest Wi-Fi needs and tech growth is unimaginable leaving all humans satisfied, without any complaints.


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