• Backbone for 4G / LTE / 5G Network
  • Redundant / Back-up Link for Critical Optical Fiber Cable Link
  • Highly Secure Communication network for the Military / Defense Communications Networks
  • Last-mile 1+ Gbps High Speed Wireless Network Communication Link
  • High Speed Wireless Network channel for connecting sites where OFC laying and maintenance is very difficult or is a cumbersome exercise e.g., hilly terrains, across water bodies, forest areas etc.

Main Advantages:

  • License Free Spectrum, No permissions are required
  • In comparison with RF / Microwave and Satellite Communications provides Full Duplex Higher Bandwidth network link
  • Transmission Latency is very Low
  • Highly Secure Transmission not vulnerable to eavesdropping and Interception
  • Quick installation
  • Safe Transmission free of Electromagnetic Radiations
  • Maintenance Free all-weather solution
  • Low Power Consumption


Performance Range200m to 9000m
Bandwidth1.5 Gbps
Power Consumption40W
Operating Temperature-20…+60 ˚C
Optical Wavelength1550nm
Transmit Power+14.8 dBm
Number of Lasers2
Beam Width8mRad
Safety ClassificationClass1M (IEC)
Receiver TypeNIR Camera
Mechanical Dimensions (mm)W380mmxH250mmxD150mm