Everything You Need to Know about the Cloud-based Wi-Fi Solutions

How to Future Proof Your Enterprise Network

This is the age of innovation and sophistication when it comes to wireless internet. With some of the smartest and the most futuristic minds working on elevating enterprise connectivity experience, the future seems like it’s already here. For those of you who don’t know, cloud Wi-Fi technology is already here and internet service providers across the globe are competing to get them delivered to their enterprise-level customers.

The cloud Wi-Fi technology is superior and solve the exact problems conventional wireless internet solutions have been offering you. One of the major advantages here is that it not only identifies and fixes functional loopholes but leverages the potential of technology to offer unique experiences to our customers as well.

We have compiled the major innovations that have happened on cloud Wi-Fi technology for you to have a quick look. It first starts with seamless network management

Smart Wireless Management

If you run a company, you would understand that your job is not easy. If you ask your IT associate, he or she would share the same thing. As your business expands, it not only increases in terms of numbers. What change are also your network, its policies and requirements and the number of threats it is prone to? Over time, it becomes extremely difficult to keep up with the increasing demands of your network.

What’s more?

Often times, your IT technician gets to know about an attack or the creeping in of a malware only after the incident has occurred. This is not only a bad practice of operation but is disastrous as well. That’s why cloud Wi-Fi explores this loophole further and offers smart wireless management tools that allows your IT associates or even you – the owner – the power to gain access to tools that offer insights about your network, anticipate changes and manage them seamlessly if.

Cloud-managed Access Points

For the uninitiated, the technology supports cloud-based wireless internet services. This means if you have a company, there would be zero on-site internet infrastructure required. This further means no unnecessary wiring and other internet essentials. This means you get an internet service that is centralized and is scalable.

Regardless of the size of your business or the number of staff, you can upgrade or degrade your internet connectivity requirements. Though the concept seems complicated, the tech has managed to find out ways to make this as user-friendly as possible. In fact, the UI of the services is simple to the extent that your company can do without the requirement of a dedicated IT associate.

Because of the cloud access points, you have access to wireless management tools to understand your traffic and usage better, troubleshoot concerns, add or remove new users seamlessly, have a control over the entire network and more. All these can also be done with the help of an outdoor WiFi ap which allows your dedicated associate (if you need one) to take care of your enterprise network from wherever he or she is.

Advanced Security Features

Apart from your staff, visitors like your guests, customers and others will also require internet connectivity. And this holds true regardless of the size of your establishment. In such cases, securing your wireless internet becomes all the more crucial. That’s why the cloud-based internet solutions are built on advanced security framework that offer industry-standard protection to your networks and their connected devices.

Besides, these solutions are powered by a dedicated 3rd radio that is always on for security scanning. It offers features like content filtering services, advanced threat protection services and more.

Content filtering services are those that deny connection to a few websites or categories of websites to foster a safe-for-work environment. With cloud Wi-Fi, you can customize this filter by selecting specific categories, timing and even particular teams or individuals. For instance, if you wish to filter and deny access to audio streaming websites for your interns, you can easily do that from the app.

On the other hand, advanced threat protection system is a cloud-based sandbox framework that detects suspicious codes, discovers and stops newly released malware from infesting your network.

Seamless Management of Access Point Indoors and Outdoors

The technology also offers optimum flexibility in terms of connectivity. With the help of the cloud, you get a vantage-point access to over thousands of networks in your architecture. You can manage all of them with ease from your handheld device with an internet connection. With the same app, you can also identify and register access points from remote and configure them.

This is of great advantage if your office branches are geographically scattered. You could be in India and one of your branches in Australia or Singapore might need troubleshooting. In such cases, you could troubleshoot and manage the network from where you are.

The Power of AI

Cloud Wi-Fi is services are also powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Now, is the incorporation of AI just a gimmick to charge more or does it have any actual purpose? Well, with AI, your architecture is under a constant learning process.

As it continues to assess the usage of connected devices, it begins to understand specific usage requirements in specific areas. It then adapts to the increasing needs of these areas and allocates the required capacity. For instance, if there is a requirement of heavy bandwidth in your visual effects team, AI understand this and caters to this need. Adaptive and intelligent!

If you notice, all these features and functionalities are designed and developed to be future-proof. Meaning, we foresee a probable future, where threats are on the rise and more practical problems relating to Wi-Fi access and usability keep cropping up.

That’s why at Ray, we intend to be prepared for tomorrow today.

We understand practicality and that’s exactly why we offer wireless point at the best price. To understand how Ray can bring about a change in your business in terms of enterprise network requirements, get in touch with us. You can also talk to us about your specific requirements and find solutions that meet your needs. Regardless, get started with us today.

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