Nano Series

The Ultimate Entry-Level Edge Gateway

Meet the Nano Series – our trailblazing entry-level solution that redefines network management. With the Nano Series, experience the power and simplicity of consolidating your network needs into one efficient product, unparalleled in the market. Say goodbye to complex setups and embrace streamlined connectivity.

  • Edge Nano

    • Branch Gateway
    • WAN/LAN
      • 3×10/100Mbps (WAN/LAN)
    • Wi-Fi
      • 300 Mbps Wi-Fi 5
      • External Antenna
    • Cellular
      • Up to 2 x 4G SIM Support
      • Active-Passive
      • Industrial Build

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A Narrative of Innovation:

In the world of enterprise networking, the Edge Nano stands not merely as a device but as a beacon of innovation. This compact edge gateway, powered by the transformative Ray One software, speaks directly to businesses that thrive on agility, offering an unprecedented amalgamation of cloud-managed efficiency, multi-WAN flexibility, and analytical prowess. The Edge Nano isn’t just about connectivity; it’s about elevating business intelligence to a level where every byte of data is an asset, every connection an opportunity.

Endge Nano v1
Endge Nano v2

Ray Edge Gateway Gateway for Enterprises


  • Multi-Dimensional

    Dive into diverse networking realms with 5 versatile 10/100 Mbps ports designed for adaptive enterprise architecture.

  • Wireless Mastery

    Seamless Wi-Fi 5 integration ensures peak performance for all wireless demands.

  • Unbreakable
    Cellular Bonds

    Stay ahead of network outages with Active-Passive SIM slots, tapping into the 4G network's vast and speedy resources.

  • Enterprise-Grade Security

    A fortress in its own right, the Edge Nano’s firewall and intelligent RRM shield your enterprise’s data like no other.

Transformative Use Cases Across Industries

  • ATM’S

    Edge Nano fortifies banking networks, from high-traffic branches to remote ATMs, with dual SIM slots ensuring constant connectivity, critical for secure, instantaneous financial transactions.

  • Petrol Pumps

    The Edge Nano ensures uninterrupted operations for petrol stations, providing a steadfast network that supports payment processing and fuel management systems, all while reinforcing data security at every step.

  • Kiosks

    With Edge Nano, digital kiosks gain a new level of dependability, offering customers seamless interactions whether they’re withdrawing cash, printing tickets, or navigating information - all through a single, reliable connection point.

  • Embedded IoT

    Edge Nano sits at the heart of IoT ecosystems, providing a resilient network core that empowers devices with consistent connectivity, facilitating real-time data exchange, and enabling smart automation from the smallest sensor to the largest machinery.

  • Windmills and Renewable Energy

    Edge Nano is the networking powerhouse for windmills and renewable energy sectors, ensuring that every gust turns data into actionable insights, maintaining the grid's integrity, and optimizing energy distribution remotely.

  • Retail

    In retail, Edge Nano is the silent sentinel that guarantees every outlet operates in harmony, syncing inventory and sales data across locations, optimizing the customer experience.

Benefits for your Enterprise

  • Cost Effective Growth
  • Effortless Administration
  • Optimized Connectivity
  • Enhanced Security
  • Cloud Managed
  • Informed Decision Making
  • Operational Excellence
  • Reliability that drives Business

Nano Powered by Ray ONE

Experience the full spectrum of networking innovation with Ray One at the heart of the Edge Nano


  • On-Premises
  • Cloud
  • Blended
Not Yet Transferred to SD-WAN?? This is what happens when you don’t !

Limited Bandwidth Management: Traditional WANs often struggle with efficiently managing bandwidth. Without SD-WAN, businesses cannot leverage bandwidth optimization techniques that prioritize critical applications and ensure high-quality connectivity.

Inflexible Routing: Legacy networks typically use static routing, which can lead to suboptimal performance and longer response times during outages or congestion. SD-WAN offers dynamic path selection, adapting in real-time to network conditions to maintain performance.

Increased Complexity: As businesses grow, traditional WAN solutions can become complex and hard to manage. SD-WAN simplifies the network with centralized management, reducing complexity and administrative overhead.

Cost Inefficiency: Sticking to traditional MPLS connections can be costly, particularly when scaling up. SD-WAN enables the use of cheaper broadband connections securely and effectively.

Reduced Security Posture: Traditional WAN architectures may not integrate the latest security measures, which SD-WAN solutions typically include as part of their design, providing a stronger defense against cyber threats.

Lack of Agility: In today’s fast-paced market, the ability to quickly adapt IT infrastructure is crucial. Non-SD-WAN networks can hinder a business’s ability to rapidly deploy new sites or applications.

Poor Cloud Performance: As cloud services become integral to operations, the inability of traditional WANs to efficiently handle cloud traffic can lead to latency and reduced performance. SD-WAN optimizes cloud connectivity, improving cloud application performance.

Visibility and Control: Traditional WANs offer limited visibility into network traffic, making it difficult to manage and secure. SD-WAN provides granular visibility and control over the network traffic.