Branch In One

Gateway [SD-WAN + Firewall + Cellular Gateway]
PoE Switch
Wi-Fi 6

Edge Micro is a unique product featuring “Single Pane of Glass” centrally cloud managed with Networking components like Wi-Fi Access Point and Gateways across multiple locations on a single cloud UI. Has automatic Firmware upgrades with scheduling control. SNMP V1, v2c, V3 integration & SYSLOG Integration (remote & local). Enabled with web-based interfaces.

Product Specification

WAN/LAN1 x 2.5G, 4 x 1G PoE Out
Wi-Fi1800 Mbps 2x2 MIMO Wi-Fi 6, •External Antenna
Cellular4G/5G SIM Support, •USB Dongle Support for 2ndCellular
GPSIndustrail Built
Wi-Fi Capacity100 Users
Full Firewall Capacity50 Users



excels in threat protection performance, there is extremely low latency and protection for traffic


Ray has brought true innovation to the networking space with the world’s first AI-driven wireless network with an element of extensibility.


Ray has a Zero Touch Integration with management Console that is easy to use, And effective

Use Cases