Ray Edge Atom Series:

Revolutionizing Wireless Branch Networking

Welcome to the next generation of SD-WAN edge connectivity. The Atom Industrial 5G Branch Gateway is engineered to deliver high-speed, reliable, and flexible network solutions, catering to dynamic enterprise demands. With the Atom series, elevate your connectivity and embrace the future of networking.

  • Edge Atom Industrial (5G)
  • 5 X 1G (WAN/LAN)
  • 2×2 MIMO
  • Wi-Fi 5 3000 Mbps
  • 2 x 5G Cellular

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    A Narrative of Innovation:

    The Atom Industrial Version transforms the landscape of industrial connectivity, merging high-speed, dependable networking with rugged, state-of-the-art technology. Designed to withstand the demanding conditions of industrial environments, this robust version of the Atom features 5 X 1G WAN/LAN ports, 2x2 MIMO, Wi-Fi 5, and a formidable 3000 Mbps throughput. The Edge Atom Industrial is engineered to be a bastion of resilience and performance in challenging settings. Its dual 4G/5G cellular support provides unmatched flexibility, ensuring continuous, reliable connectivity in even the most rigorous industrial applications. The Atom Industrial series is not just a network gateway; it represents a significant leap into the future of durable, high-efficiency enterprise networking tailored for the industrial sector.

    Ray Edge Gateway Gateway for Enterprises


    • Scalable Bandwidth

      Automatically adjusts bandwidth distribution based on usage, ensuring ATMs and fintech applications always have necessary resources.

    • Energy-Efficient

      Minimizes power consumption, crucial for utilities and small enterprises focused on reducing operational costs.

    • Real-Time

      Offers insights into network performance, enabling proactive maintenance and optimization for ATMs and utility services.

    • Compact and
      Robust Build

      Space-saving design that's durable enough to withstand the varied environments of small enterprises and utility setups.

    Transformative Use Cases Across Industries

    • ATMs

      Atom Industrial guarantees uninterrupted, secure network service for ATMs, ensuring dependable transaction processing in any location.

    • Fintech

      For fintech companies, Atom Industrial provides stable, high-security connectivity, crucial for handling sensitive financial data and real-time transactions.

    • Utilities

      Atom Industrial supports utility management with consistent connectivity, essential for monitoring and controlling utility services and infrastructure.

    • Small Warehouses

      In small warehouse settings, Atom Industrial ensures a smooth flow of data for inventory tracking and logistics, maintaining operational efficiency even during high-demand periods.

    Benefits for your Enterprise

    • Enhanced & Centralized Security
    • Continuous Uptime
    • Bandwidth Agility
    • Optimized Connectivity
    • Operational Excellence
    • Cloud Managed
    • Informed Decision Making

    Nano Powered by Ray ONE

    Experience the full spectrum of networking innovation with Ray One at the heart of the Edge Nano


    • On-Premises
    • Cloud
    • Blended
    Not Yet Transferred to SD-WAN?? This is what happens when you don’t !

    Limited Bandwidth Management: Traditional WANs often struggle with efficiently managing bandwidth. Without SD-WAN, businesses cannot leverage bandwidth optimization techniques that prioritize critical applications and ensure high-quality connectivity.

    Inflexible Routing: Legacy networks typically use static routing, which can lead to suboptimal performance and longer response times during outages or congestion. SD-WAN offers dynamic path selection, adapting in real-time to network conditions to maintain performance.

    Increased Complexity: As businesses grow, traditional WAN solutions can become complex and hard to manage. SD-WAN simplifies the network with centralized management, reducing complexity and administrative overhead.

    Cost Inefficiency: Sticking to traditional MPLS connections can be costly, particularly when scaling up. SD-WAN enables the use of cheaper broadband connections securely and effectively.

    Reduced Security Posture: Traditional WAN architectures may not integrate the latest security measures, which SD-WAN solutions typically include as part of their design, providing a stronger defense against cyber threats.

    Lack of Agility: In today’s fast-paced market, the ability to quickly adapt IT infrastructure is crucial. Non-SD-WAN networks can hinder a business’s ability to rapidly deploy new sites or applications.

    Poor Cloud Performance: As cloud services become integral to operations, the inability of traditional WANs to efficiently handle cloud traffic can lead to latency and reduced performance. SD-WAN optimizes cloud connectivity, improving cloud application performance.

    Visibility and Control: Traditional WANs offer limited visibility into network traffic, making it difficult to manage and secure. SD-WAN provides granular visibility and control over the network traffic.