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Convert Your Office in to Smart Office with Ray! This is How:

Ray consists of various products Starting from Edge Gateway, Cloud Managed Switches as well as Access Points. All of the products are powered by Ray One, our platforms have a single pane of glass management.

Helps various business to manage multiple branches, More the 8 types of customized guest portals including Voucher, Password based log in, surveys etc all of them can also be used for monetization.

The Most Important out of them is the use of Enterprise Policy for different types of Employees in an enterprise such as Permanent Employee, Contractual Employees, Auditors who visit the enterprise as well as Guest users. Captive Portal with Ray helps you set of rules that govern how an
organization’s employees’ access and use the Internet through a captive portal. It includes policies on issues such as the types of websites and services that are allowed or prohibited, the amount of data that can be used, and the length of time that employees are allowed to access the Internet.

In creating different policies for different types of employees, such as permanent employees, guest employees, auditors, or contract staff, Ray One helps tailor its policies to the specific needs and responsibilities of each group. For example, a policy for permanent employees may be more permissive and allow for more extensive use of the Internet, while a policy for guest employees or contract staff may be more restricted and limit their access to only certain websites or services.

Having different policies for different employee groups can help an enterprise to ensure that its policies are fair and appropriate for the specific needs and circumstances of each group. It can also help to reduce confusion and ensure that employees understand their rights and responsibilities when accessing the Internet through the captive portal.

Overall, a well-designed enterprise policy with the help of Ray’s captive portal can help an organization to create a productive and secure work environment, while also helping to protect the interests of the organization and its employees.

SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) is a networking technology that allows businesses to manage and optimize their wide area network (WAN) connections, such as those between offices or between an office and the Internet, through software. It enables businesses to improve the performance and reliability of their WAN connections and make them more agile and flexible.

One way that businesses can use SD-WAN to turn their offices into a smart enterprise is by using it to connect their offices to the Internet and to each other in a more efficient and cost-effective way. For example, SD-WAN can be used to optimize traffic routing between offices, to prioritize certain types of traffic, and to provide security and other services.

Wi-Fi 6 is the latest generation of Wi-Fi technology, which provides faster speeds, lower latency, and higher capacity for handling more devices and traffic. It can be used to improve the performance of an office’s wireless network and enable more efficient and reliable connectivity for employees and visitors.

By implementing both SD-WAN and Wi-Fi 6 in their offices, businesses can create a smart enterprise that is more connected, agile, and efficient. These technologies can help businesses to improve the productivity and satisfaction of their employees, as well as to better serve their customers and partners.

A firewall solution that meets your security needs and budget. Policies for allowing or blocking certain types of traffic, setting up user authentication and access controls, and configuring other security features are in built. By implementing and properly configuring a firewall, businesses can significantly improve the security of their office networks and protect against external threats.

By using multi-WAN, businesses can improve the reliability and performance of their Internet connection and better ensure that their employees have access to the resources they need. Determine how much Internet bandwidth your office requires, as well as any other connectivity requirements, such as the need for redundant connections or the ability to load balance traffic across multiple connections. By using a multi-WAN configuration, businesses can improve the reliability and performance of their Internet connectivity and create a more efficient and productive office environment.

Most of the Enterprises have IoT enabled devices. Ray helps management of such devices in all possible ways with the features mentioned above Firewall: A firewall can be used to protect an enterprise’s network from external threats and unauthorized access. It can be configured to allow or block specific types of traffic, such as traffic from IoT devices, based on predetermined security rules.

Ray’s Secure SD-WAN optimizes traffic routing between an enterprise’s offices and between its offices and the Internet. It can also be used to prioritize traffic from IoT devices, ensuring that they have the bandwidth they need to function properly. Multi-WAN configuration provides a load- balanced Internet connectivity for an enterprise, helping to improve the reliability and performance of its IoT devices. Ray One can be used to manage access to the Internet for IoT devices, allowing enterprises to control which devices are allowed to connect and to set limits on their usage. By using these technologies, enterprises can better manage and secure their IoT devices and ensure that they are able to function optimally within their networks.

As mentioned above Captive Portal with Ray has more than 8 options are all for monetization too. Many Options like: Advertising: Captive portal can display advertisements to users while they are waiting to access the Internet. This can be a source of revenue for the enterprise through ad sales or through an advertising network. Voucher: Subscription fees can be charged to users a fee to access the Internet through the captive portal. This can be done on a per-use basis or through a subscription model. Data collection: Captive portals can be used to collect data from users, such as their demographics and browsing habits. This data can be sold to third parties or used to target advertising more effectively. By monetizing their captive portals, enterprises can generate additional revenue streams and offset the costs of providing Internet access to their customers.

All The above-mentioned features and many such more are a part of Ray. All-in-one products in Ray help you with multiple benefits such as single pane of glass management also the most important for any enterprise is to lower it costs.

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