Ray Training Areas

Want to be Ray certified?

Developing & coming up with a training program for everything Ray, is the basis for everyone new to Ray and this training will give you a hands-on understanding for Ray products. Ray offers technical trainings for partners, distributors & resellers to become a pro for Ray products and others interested to certify as Ray Certified Wi-Fi Engineer and/or Ray Certified Architect.

You could be our Sales Partner or an engineer who wishes to get the Ray certification and the Online or In-person trainings that are specially designed for you. An instructor-led interactive training will help you sharpen your technical skills and use it with Ray. Take a look at the trainings that you would like to opt for.


Sales + Technical Training

Ray wants to ascertain that you have got what it takes to be a Ray Partner to help partners grow in their business and indirectly Ray grow too. Our Sales and Technical modules guide you, for exactly that. Ray certification adds another feather in your hat and works in your favour more & more as you move ahead with Ray.

Our Sales Training strengthens your sales basis, making sure that your Sales Cycle keeps on moving, while our Technical Training trains you for Ray’s products, platforms, and solutions’ in-depth knowledge that you can use as a certified Ray Engineer. These are all instructor-led courses that will teach you, step-by-step.

Login to your Ray Partner Portal and gain access for all the relevant modules in your chosen form of training.

Partner Certification Synopsis

  • Sales

    The Ray Certified Sales Training gives the first push required to kick-start selling the Ray products. The Ray Sales Program guides you about the Ray Products, Ray ONEs, Ray Solutions, etc. This will certify you as a Ray Sales Personnel and allow you to take your first step in your Ray Sales journey.

    Get on the Ray Training Portal and access the training to be a certified Ray Sales Professional.

    Time: Every 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month Medium: Online

  • Technical

    The Ray Technical Training will certify you as a Ray Engineer, providing you an in-depth knowledge about the Ray Products & Platforms. To be a Ray Certified Engineer you require to go through the Technical Modules and give a test at the end by which your knowledge can be gauged.

    Study the available material and give the Ray Technical Test to be a certified Ray Engineer.

    Time: Every 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month Medium: Online

Training for Customers

IT Admins

Ray wants to assure that the Ray customers get the best by using Ray Products and Platforms. Ray Administrator courses are designed especially for that. Your Ray Partner will be able to guide you to go about your Admin Training, streamlining your administrative process, making it faster too. You will learn administrative aspects like:

  • Creating the right Network Layout
  • Monitoring the Health of the Network
  • Root Cause Analysis of Issues
  • Creating Reports for Executives

Authorized Training Centres

Authorized Training Centres are Ray’s distributors, partners or resellers given the authority by Ray to conduct Ray Training Centres and/or Sessions for partners and customers on behalf of Ray. If, you are an active Ray distributor or partner, you can be a part of the Ray ATC Program.