About The Nairobi West Hospital

The Nairobi West Hospital was founded in 1980. Their driving force has always been to offer affordable healthcare to everyone and saving lives has been the centre of everything for them. It caters to patients in & from Kenya as well as around the world too. Easy access to healthcare with great quality & service is their mission for continuous growth.


The Nairobi West Hospital with Ray

The Nairobi West Hospital has numerous departments, many staff members and a full house of patients getting treated in various departments. Medical data are the most confidential and risky data to be maintained. They needed great Wi-Fi coverage along with security & privacy features from Ray.

Requirements & Challenges

  • The Nairobi West Hospital is a big hospital with many floors, departments, rooms, cabins, etc. and they needed good internet coverage everywhere in the hospital, across the floors, in operation rooms, administration offices, and more.
  • Customised internet experience and usage separately for nurses, doctors, guests, and visiting doctors.
  • Secured internet for guests staying with patients and visiting, respecting everyone’s privacy too.
  • Internet & Intranet access in special Covid wards has been the most important requirement since the Covid pandemic hit the world.
  • Learn about the internet usage on each device used in various departments.
  • A 24*7 IT admin to solve any unforeseen internet issues and in times of emergencies.
  • Keeping patients’ data safe & secure always, without them having to specify about the importance of its confidentiality.


  • Ray provided cloud-managed indoor wireless access point R6A-C. Without a physical controller install, this indoor device was installed in no time.
  • Ray’s Enterprise Policy was extended to know about the content that each device is viewing.
  • The Captive Portal of Ray allows everyone to sign into the Wi-Fi in different ways like via their Social Media handle, Vouchers, SMS OTP or any other that Ray offers.
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) was enabled in the hospital where machines in the Operation Theatres work with uninterrupted internet connection.
  • Bring your own device (BYOD) was facilitated by the IT department to be linked with Ray’s access points.
  • A constant check with Ray’s in-house IT aid ‘EYE’ is kept 24*7.
  • HIPPA Compliance for data security.

Key Takeaways

  • Ray R6A-C indoor Wi-Fi access point provides coverage in all indoor places like the patient rooms, different departments – Oncology, Psychiatry, Internal Medicine, etc. and the waiting areas.
  • Ray’s Content Policy doesn’t allow blacklisted websites and applications within the network, where relevant data gets better throughput.
  • Malware, Ransomware and Spam don’t enter the Wi-Fi network with Ray’s embedded security.
  • With so many departments, machines for those specialized departments follow and IoT with Ray access points is the perfect solution for radiation machines in the Radiology department.
  • Ray access points in collaboration with the Nairobi West Hospital catered to the constant flow of patients, 1200+ healthcare professionals and 500+ medical disciplines.