About Ray

Ray is a Networking company focused on solving connectivity, security and compliance using big data and AI. Powering Ray is Ray OS, which is open, secure, cloud native and extensible with an ecosystem of applications that leverage the underlying hardware to create unlimited use cases along with seamless connectivity. Ray offers its products as an Appliance as well as Platform and PaaS.


About TechPak Industries Ltd.

TechPak Industries started and incorporated in 2010, excelling in packaging products like drums and is constantly growing towards industry segments for industrial packaging solutions. It is a plastic manufacturing unit, serving the retail sector with the knowledge of modern technology for its manufacturing products.


About Jab Jab Ltd.

The Jab Jab Group is a technology company that serves modern technology, ready on a plate in the form of modern infrastructure. It is well-known for its security services. The Jab Jab Group is experienced about the upcoming technological trends with its spread within Kenya and, also in running its businesses in Singapore and Asia. The Jab Jab group is the MSP (Manage Service Provider) for Nairobi Plastics Ltd.


TechPak Industries Ltd. with Ray

TechPak Industries are spread across the Eastern and Central Africa, catering to its clients and syncing in with branch offices too. It manufactures a wide range of products that includes convenience & hygiene, party & packaging products that require the latest technology to run the manufacturing machines. Their aim is to offer better products than what they offered yesterday.

They are using R6A-C for the manufacturing facilities and administrative offices.

Requirements & Challenges

  • The production and warehouse areas for the TechPak Industries are in different areas. The huge machines via which plastic is produced are placed at both places, which needs internet.
  • Production is tracked and the Internet of Things (IoT) is used maximum. Good internet connection is required for this too.
  • The internet usage is varied from guests to visitors to employees.
  • The latest their machines, the higher their requirement for a good internet connection.
  • Security – a must, to keep cyber threats, Malware and Ransomware at bay.
  • To keep the corporate data and details intact, privacy is maintained always.
  • Managed Services requirement by the MSP Jab Jab Group to ensure monitoring and on-time assistance to Tech.


  • Ray provided cloud-managed Indoor Wireless Access Point, R6A – C and the Outdoor Wireless Access Point, R6A – O.
  • The TechPak Industries were benefitted with Ray’s Enterprise Policies via it’s Enterprise Bundle.
  • The Captive Portal for guests & visitors’ customized internet experience.
  • The Content Policy was assigned among the industry’s 350+ employees based on their requirement of internet at work.
  • Ray made sure that the internet reached the factory’s wide space of 100,000 square feet.

Key Takeaways

  • Ray’s indoor – R6A-C and outdoor – R6A-O access points keep all connected devices secured and away from any spam to enter their device.
  • IoT devices work well with the constant internet connection and great coverage for even when they are far off and not in the vicinity of the Wi-Fi access point.
  • Unwanted content is filtered with Ray’s Content Policy, and access to P2P, Porn, criminal sites, etc. is prohibited.
  • The IT admins or IT department can approve the BYOD for various guests & visitors.
  • The Wi-Fi network is protected, and Malware, Ransomware and Spam are filtered with Ray’s embedded security.