About Ray

Ray is a Networking company focussed on solving connectivity, security and compliance using big data and AI. Powering Ray is Ray OS, which is open, secure, cloud native and extensible with an ecosystem of applications that leverage the underlying hardware to create unlimited use cases along with seamless connectivity. Ray offers its products as an Appliance as well as Platform and PaaS.

About Sokowatch

Sokowatch was launched in 2016 as an aid towards small shops and regular retail shops. This, Kenya based e-commerce start-up is spread across Africa and is doing great in offering its services to unnoticed retailers. It is giving a different name to supply-chain markets everywhere. It has expanded within Kenya and into Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda.



Sokowatch with Ray

Sokowatch is increasing its retailer reach and moving from Kenya to other African countries. It empowers small shop retailers by not only making them digitally friendly but introducing digital economy and working hand-in-hand with them. For reaching the unreached and tapping the untapped markets, they need a strong internet connection. They are using Ray R6A-C as their indoor access point in their offices and R6A-O as their outdoor access point in their warehouses.

Requirements & Challenges

  • Sokowatch with multiple branches across various countries required access to their applications hosted on their private network in a secure manner.
  • In the view of Covid, Sokowatch employees needed access to the Enterprise Applications for their work from home environments. Sokowatch needed to consider the safety aspect weighed against the accessibility of the private applications.
  • Sokowatch catered to retailers everywhere and empowered them with the digital economy, for which constant internet connection was a must.
  • Being there for the retailer always and having a super functioning eCommerce end, so that the required products reached the retailers at any time of the day is the prime work of Sokowatch that completely relies on the internet.
  • Order tracking across thousands of stores worldwide is a hassle and assessing that required a flowing internet connection.
  • Maintaining data privacy and keeping a secured network to prevent from data hacking and other such Cyberthreats was equally important.
  • Needed real-time data for the supply & demand circle for a better workflow without any hindrances, especially like technical glitches.


  • Ray provided cloud-managed indoor wireless access points, R6A – C and outdoor wireless access points, R6A-O.
  • Ray provided the SD-WAN solution on the Edge and Wireless Access Points.
  • Ray provided the SASE driven remote working solution.
  • Ray ONE with features like Security, BYOD, Enterprise Policy, etc.
  • Ray ONE with Insights, a detailed analytical study for the IT admins.
  • Ray access points provide great connectivity for faster reverts and makes sure about the availability of products from the manufacturer’s end, reaching in time to informal shops.

Key Takeaways

  • Ray’s R6A – C and R6A-O has securely connected and kept the eCommerce websites up & running always, for Sokowatch to cover a lot of places in Africa.
  • Ray SD-WAN seamlessly connects the Sokowatch branches spread across countries in a single and secure private network. This enables the employees to access the Enterprise applications from all offices.
  • Ray SASE is driven by a remote working solution that empowers the work from home employees and gives them secure access to the private cloud powering the Enterprise applications.
  • A transportation management company with its eCommerce fixes inefficient supply chains for small, local, informal businesses.
  • With super-fast internet and connectivity, Sokowatch is reinventing informal retail in the whole of Africa.
  • With the benefit of safe & super internet connection, Sokowatch runs an eCommerce portal for underserved retailers, where shopkeepers can source goods and manufacturers can always reach their consumers.
  • Data management results in the correct evaluation of retailers and that helps in getting them access to credit and/or financial services for their business growth.
  • With Ray’s outstanding features, it keeps a check on the marketing trends and tracks the purchasing habits of everyone, as the outcome of strategizing customized marketing activities as per each business.
  • Ray’s SD-WAN is accelerating Sokowatch’s networks very easily, providing scalability and security, clearing network traffic between remote and branch offices.