Saudi – ReInsurance Company

Saudi – ReInsurance Company

About Saudi Re
Saudi Re founded in Riyadh in 2008 is the first reinsurance company licensed by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA). It is listed as the “Publicly Joint Stock Company” on the Saudi Exchange Market.

Saudi Re with Ray
Saudi Re, an insurance company worried about their confidential data, with security being one of the most important needs used Ray Wireless Access Points – Vega. Along with Guest Portals and Enterprise Policy, Ray helped them with their complete Wi-Fi set up that provides great connectivity and embedded security.

Requirements & Challenges

  • Authentication/NAC of BYOD as Saudi Re did not want any Wi-Fi usage without the IT admin approving the BYOD. 
  • Saudi Re has to keep a history of each employee’s browsing data for security Audit purposes.
  • Saudi Re has guests visiting the premises regularly and especially during board meetings. The requirement was a way to provide internet, post secure authentication to the guest whilst keeping the enterprise network isolated and secure.
  • To create 3 categories of employees, i.e. workers, office employees and executives to differentiate the internet experience between them.


  • Ray provided cloud-managed Indoor Wireless Access Point – Vega.
  • Ray provided the Pro bundle which includes Captive Portal, CISO Report and deep network insights along with all Enterprise features.
  • Ray enabled device Whitelist policy for BYOD.
  • Ray created 3 groups: Executives, Employees and Guests. 
  • Ray enabled individual content, speed & quota policies to provide different internet experience to the users.
  • Ray enabled CISO Report. 
  • Ray created a Guest SSID with Voucher Captive Portal.

Key Takeaways

  • Ray Vega Indoor Wi-Fi access point provides the best coverage and speed suitable for the Enterprise environment. 
  • Ray enabled device Whitelist policy to ensure “No device can log in to the internet without the prior approval of IT admin, enabling strong BYOD policies”.
  • The voucher-based Captive Portal provides branding while creating network isolation for guest network and making a secure authentication for the guests.
  • The Content Policy to filter objectionable (non-office) content. E.g. criminal sites, Porn, P2P etc. 
  • The Speed and Quota policy to provide different internet experience to different groups.
  • Deep Insights provide history from web and application angles, Risk and Compliance, Traffic Pattern and network actionable of their network.
  • The embedded security protects the Network on the Edge by filtering Malware, Ransomware and Spam. 
  • A weekly detailed network summary CISO Report sent to them in a PDF report format highlighting all summary of the week from a network perspective. 
  • The Audit feature fulfils the Audit requirements of the industry.