About Ray

Ray is a Networking company focused on solving connectivity, security and compliance using big data and AI. Powering Ray is Ray OS, which is open, secure, cloud native and extensible with an ecosystem of applications that leverage the underlying hardware to create unlimited use cases along with seamless connectivity.

Ray offers its products as an Appliance as well as Platform and PaaS.


About Professional Digital Systems Limited (PDSL)

Professional Digital Systems Limited (PDSL) established in 1999. It started with doing varied kinds of jobs for different companies, moving towards the ‘Communication’ industry, and slowly carving its name in there. It is a Kenya-based, leading ICT and Fintech solutions provider delivering innovative solutions, simplifying their clients’ way of doing business.


Professional Digital Systems Limited (PDSL) with Ray

Professional Digital Systems Limited (PDSL) has international and local partners, where they help them to enter the African market in the ICT and Fintech industries. Catering to all and being available to respond their queries even at odd hours means a great Wi-Fi connection to support partners and clients always.

They are using R6A-C in their offices and other branch offices too.

Requirements & Challenges

  • Professional Digital Systems Limited (PDSL) come up with innovative solutions for their clients and partners to bring a notable change in their business, which require to stay in sync with the latest, upcoming technologies.
  • The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Fintech are two such industries that have new trends on an everyday basis for which a good internet connection is extremely important.
  • PDSL offers cyber security services to its clients and so it becomes extremely important to secure their own data, containing all security breaches from the access points itself so that those don’t reach the end user’s device.
  • They partner with firms who intend to do business in Africa and provide technological capabilities as an aid for easy entry in the African continent. This makes all their offerings very important and privacy, security and good internet connection hold the utmost importance.
  • Finances are sensitive data, and it becomes more sensitive when dealt with international businesses. They needed their financial data to be kept confidential.
  • Their core of the business is to increase customer base and invent revenue streams that are tailored solutions for the African market, which brings along latest tech trending incorporations.


  • Ray provided cloud-managed Indoor Wireless Access Point, R6A – C for its offices and indoor spaces.
  • Ray’s Enterprise Bundle offers the Enterprise Policies to Professional Digital Services (PDSL).
  • A memorable internet experience to all the employees working there as well as visitors via Ray’s Captive Portal feature.
  • Ray’s Content Policy was assigned for only valid content to be read by the staff members & visitors.
  • The office is spread on a wide land space and Ray made sure that its access points were rightly placed so the internet connection reaches far & wide to all members working from any corner.

Key Takeaways

  • Secured and uninterrupted Wi-Fi network connection holds the prime importance and Ray’s R6A-C does justice to it.
  • P2P, Porn, criminal websites are blacklisted with Ray’s Content Policy that filters everything from the start.
  • BYOD is authorized for guests, visitors & employees if they need to work on their own device.
  • Malware, Spam and Ransomware don’t even come close to the devices with Ray’s embedded security.